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Canadiens reportedly in on Thomas Vanek


According to Chris Botta, the Habs might be in on sniper Thomas Vanek. Do you believe it? What would you be willing to spend?

Carey Price placed on injured reserve, won't play tonight vs Kings


Calm down, don't worry. The Canadiens had no choice but to put Price on the injured reserve in order to keep all the players they have up on the roster, even after sending down Drewiske. As Godin says, this doesn't mean Price will be out too much longer.

Jacques Martin drops a subtle bomb on the Habs


The last thing most people would call Jacques Martin is a good quote, but he dropped an absolute bomb on Marc-Antoine Godin today, saying that the good thing about the Habs firing him is that they got to draft Alex Galchenyuk, insinuating that the Habs wouldn't have been a lottery club under him, which is pretty much 100% fact.

If you could make 3 changes to the Hab's roster, what would they be?


Laura asks the question, I ask it of you. What would you do to make the team better?

Crosby says he knew Price was injured


According to Marc-Antoine Godin of La Presse, Sidney Crosby has said that he knew Price was injured during the Olympics, and that he was getting care for it, but didn't think he would actually miss any time. Considering that the Canadiens never planned to play Price in these two games, it may be that they're making much ado about nothing right now, or he could have tweaked it further this morning.

Prust and Subban wear some ugly suits


Looks like Brandon Prust and P.K. Subban are having some fun before the Olympic break, as the trip to Carolina has been dubbed the "bad suit trip". Who's worse?

Ryan White accidentally slew foots Michel Therrien, injures him [video]


You know how we all talk about how Ryan White is really high strung and excitable? Well after finally getting back to practice, White accidentally slew footed Michel Therrien, knocking him to the ice and apparently injuring him. Therrien was clearly winded but laughed it off.

Subban says Giroux should be on Team Canada


P.K. Subban was congratulated by Claude Giroux for making the Canadian Olympic team, after which Subban responded by saying Giroux should be there as well. Of course, the instant reaction from the internet seems to be that of outrage, because Subban dared to say anything at all. In reality Subban responded in kind to another very skilled player, who could easily have made the team over guys like Kunitz, Sharp, and Nash.

Price clearly interfered with on Kings goal gif


Sean Gentille of The Sporting News made a quick gif of the incredibly obvious interference on Los Angeles' third goal.

Subban saves a goal


Even though he's obviously terrible defensively, and far too risky, P.K. Subban managed to single handedly save a goal against early in the first period against New Jersey, stuffing Jaromir Jagr on the goal line.

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