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Damn the Haters

Oh yes, the lazy media is back to its old tricks of inventing myths about the past to deride the present and future Habs. But in the spirit of Twisted Sister, us at Eyes on the Prize are just not going to take it, and we're armed with actual facts to take on all haters.

The First 20 Seasons Of The Montreal Canadiens Documented In Great Detail

  Readers familiar to Eyes On The Prize through its first four years online will know that a good part of the site's appeal is that it seeks to share the glory and amazement that is Montreal...

The 100 Habs Goalies Braincramp!

Like the ol' Gumper here, I went stretching for something way out of reach!I'm a dumbass fool for it, too!I just spent the better part of day researching a story that didn't exactly exist.You see,...

More Masked Men

I recently updated my Montreal Canadiens goalie post titled "Who Were Those Masked Men?. It features 75 goaltenders to have played for the Habs from 1909 to the present and over 40 more who were...

The Lost Habs Goalie - Gene Decosse

In my seemingly never ending quest for knowledge of the Montreal Canadiens goaltenders history, I recently unearthed the story of Gene Decosse at www.LostHockey.com.The story of Decosse is an...

Who Were These Masked Men?

In 98 years of history, the Montreal Canadiens have had 74 goaltenders play for the team since 1909. The group as a whole, tell a tale almost as storied as hockey itself.Following their names and...

...And The Habs Trivia Winner Is ?

Eddy Sauvestre - take a bow my man!You are the undisputed Montreal Canadiens Trivia Champion!Manon Patry - take a bow also!Both contestants answered 91 of 100 questions correctly, with the...

Getting Carried Away With Carey

(Robert L Note: Photo's are from Habs Inside Out, upon the unveilling of the new Carey Price mask.)It's hard not to get caught up in the hype of a goalie having played all of one NHL game when the...

Georges Vezina 1910-26

One of the elite goaltenders in the annals of NHL history, Georges Vezina was a key figure in the early history of the Montreal Canadiens franchise. His outstanding play served as a model for...

Between Vezina And Hainsworth

Once Georges Vezina arrived on the scene in Montreal, he commanded the goaltending position like no one before or since. From 1910 to 1926, the Canadiens did not use another goalie while Vezina...

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