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This Day in Habs History: April 1


Looking back on some April Fools Day moments in Montreal Canadiens history.

Today in Sports History: November 10th

11/10/1963 - Howe sets scoring record With 15:06 to go in the second period, Gordie Howe of the Detroit Red Wings scores his 545th career goal, passing Maurice "The Rocket" Richard for the most in...

Evolution of a record


Analyzing era effects on the NHL career shutouts record currently shared by Terry Sawchuk and Martin Brodeur.

Brodeur's shutouts: Breaking the unbreakable


When asked about the next record to fall to Brodeur, Lemaire said: "One hundred and four shutouts? I think it’ll never be broken. Never." Which is what people used to say about Sawchuk’s 103...



Personal memories and a career retrospective of Terry Sawchuk, the talented, troubled goaltender whose seemingly unassailable record of 103 shutouts was equalled by Martin Brodeur this week.

Who Were These Masked Men?


In 98 years of history, the Montreal Canadiens have had 74 goaltenders play for the team since 1909. The group as a whole, tell a tale almost as storied as hockey itself.Following their names and...

Between Vezina And Hainsworth


Once Georges Vezina arrived on the scene in Montreal, he commanded the goaltending position like no one before or since. From 1910 to 1926, the Canadiens did not use another goalie while Vezina...

George Hainsworth 1927 - 1933


Hainsworth signed with the Montreal Canadiens on August 23, 1926, after Newsy Lalonde recommended him to owner Leo Dandurand. This proved to be an accurate appraisal and the newcomer became an...

Mickey Murray and Roy Worters 1929-30


Mickey Murray 1929-30Mickey Murray played just one game in the NHL with the Montreal Canadiens on February 25, 1930, replacing George Hainsworth who was out with an injury.Prior to getting his...

Habs and Leafs: A Jersey Shared Parts 1 to 4


Since 1927, when the Canadiens longest standing rival, the Toronto Maple Leafs, first entered the NHL, very few transactions have taken place between the two teams. Perhaps due to the fact that a...

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