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Adam Absence Confirmed, and Other Thursday Notes


With former owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett back in the news, now's as good a time as any to remember that as bad as this season has been, it could have always been worse. Plus Charlie Adam's...

Poll: Grading the Owners' First Year


This time last year, Liverpool were in the midst of one of the most significant off-pitch events in their recent history. It was a relatively important time for us here at the blog as...

Reina Will Stay, Maxi Wants To, and Other Thursday Notes


So, do you remember the part where Hicks and Gillett were terrible owners who loaded the club with debt and had fans fearing relegation as little as six months ago? Turns out they managed to l...

Saying the Right Things: John Henry


"When you win a championship--and we will--success isn’t measured or accomplished by winning once." As far as grand pronouncements from owners go, that has to be somewhat better than rambling...

Anfield Naming Rights, Standard Chartered Blunders, and Other Friday Notes


Bond rip-offs and international updates and taking the piss out of Joe Cole. Plus the longest blog post in intertubes history and illusionists and polls and distracting videos and even the...

Video: Rafa Benitez on Football Focus


"They thought that Liverpool Football Club was a business, a company, a fanchise, and it's more than this when you can see the fans, see the feelings, see the stadium atmosphere. So it's different,...

Epic Swindles, Endless Injuries, and Other Friday Notes


The trouble with doing an immediate match recap is that one inevitably cannibalises any subsequent tactical bullshittery or specific discussion of player or theme. "One," one says, "one has...

Tom Hicks is Back, Lucas is Still Quality, and Other Thursday Notes


He's baaack. Hey, so there were some internationals yesterday. Friendly internationals. And nothing much happened. Agger scored; Johnson set up a goal; England won. Dirk Kuyt scored from...

Hodgson Rumours, Poll Wrap, and Other Monday Notes


Killer 'stache, classic cars, classic rock, chronic alcoholism, and hating Rupert Murdoch --is there anything Dan Stark can't do?* While you were killing your liver in response to the...

Monday News and Notes


Ged hates Mondays, too. Hey, look, it's Monday again. Yay? Anyhow, a few links to start the week off, and also a quick note: Some of our readers (mostly those living in America) will be...

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