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More Legends Of Hockey

I just can't get enough of Joe Pelletier's Legends Of Hockey - what a treasure trove for hockey die hards and historians. I strongly recommend adding it to your favorites and perusing it daily. It...

Cornwall Is Hockeyville - No Kidding!

From "Newsy" to Chad, Orval to Lori, Cornwall has the Hockey credentials covered, now give us that Hockeyville prize!With news that the city of Cornwall has reached the top 5 in the Kraft...

Habs Koivu, A Captain For The Ages

Montreal Canadiens captain Saku Koivu, hero of Tuesday night's win over the Bruins, is on the brink of several interesting career milestones.The Habs 32 year old Finnish captain, the 28th man to...

Debunking The French Canadien Territorial RuleMyth

There is a popular myth, longstanding in fact, and surely perpetrated by decades of Maple Leafs frustration that the Montreal Canadiens superiority from the early 1950's to the late 1970's was due...

George Hainsworth 1927 - 1933

Hainsworth signed with the Montreal Canadiens on August 23, 1926, after Newsy Lalonde recommended him to owner Leo Dandurand. This proved to be an accurate appraisal and the newcomer became an...

Edouard "Newsy" Lalonde - The Canadiens First Superstar

Montreal Canadiens great, Edouard Charles "Newsy" Lalonde was a premier player in the pre-NHL era of hockey in the early 1900's.Lalonde excelled at both hockey and lacrosse. He is recognized by the...

The First Habs Superstar - Newsy Lalonde

One of my favorite fugures in Montreal Canadiens history has always been Edouard "Newsy" Lalonde.A premier player in the pre NHL era of hockey in the early 1900's, Lalonde was a Habs pioneer. I've...

Where Habs Legends Live On

Did everyone have a good Easter weekend?I spent a good part of my day Sunday on an egg hunt - online!As I've mentioned here often before, one of my favorite hockey blogs for researching the history...

1909-10 A Team Is Born

Note for all readers and Canadiens Fans:The Montreal Canadiens 100 Seasons has been all consuming project for me to undertake starting this past summer. I hope that you will enjoy reading it as...

The Crown Jewel Of Canadiens Collectibles

What you see here are nine Montreal Canadiens cards from 1911-12. In mint condition, judging by recent sales and auctions, the set might be worth a million!Only the second ever set of hockey cards...

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