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Habs Deals In The Works

There is lots of speculation regarding the future of Canadiens defenseman Sheldon Souray in Montreal.Souray, one of the heroes of last nights shootout win over the Leafs, is in the midst of a...

David Aebischer - Goalie for Rent, Trade, Waiverline Pickup, or Sold for a Bucket of Pucks.

I'll rarely be more brunt or beligerent - David Aebischer must go!This Swiss stiff full of holes should be had for a song. Even a Celine Dion song!He should be given away, put on a bus, a train,...

Habs Beat Bruins In Emotional Battle

In the grand scheme of things it's just a game... The Bell Centre was filled with heavy hearts tonight as the Canadiens and Bruins played an emotional game Tuesday evening.I...

Hurling Habs No Match For Rangers

The effort was there, the desire was there, but in the end the Canadiens could not overcome the combination of emesis, untimely penalty calls and the New York Rangers powerplay.The Habs will be...

Canadiens In Crisis Mode

What in God's name has gone wrong with the Montreal Canadiens lately?Watching the team tailspin in the last ten games, I wish I had the answer.I wish Guy carbonneau had the answer!I have been...

Oh Hell, Not The Red Wings!, Not Now!

Just what the slumping Habs needed, a date with the Red Wings!I fear a pummeling coming on. I can't help it.Just the notion of the Winged Wheels sets my mind back a decade to a horrifying night...

Carbonneau Loses It

(RC - Note: From last night RDS Sports news. A translation is below.)Some fans and onlookers might wonder what took him so long, but Montreal Canadiens coach Guy Carbonneau has lost his patience...

GM Gainey Will Be Defined By Trade Deadline Actions

The city of Montreal's media are an ocean divided when it comes to how Candiens GM Bob Gainey should approach the Febuary 27 trade deadline. Fans fall on both sides of the divide are...

Habs Hopes Derailed By Many Factors

Call this a pre-post mortum.In the midst of a playoff stretch drive that has the Canadiens buggered by more issues than a Courtney Love counselling session, here are some of the complications that...

A Desperately Needed Boost

What a sweet win for the Canadiens over the New York Islanders tonight!With every game being an almost do or die affair for the Habs of late, it certainly was good to see them sensing desperation...

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