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Numbers Game: Looking Down


A look into a few names who might slip up next season.


Grade a trade

Decided to trade Gaborik for Briere in a 12 team keeper league, both have injury issues but I think Briere will be more consistent with the skill the Flyers have around him. Who do you think will...

Top 10 Way Too Adorable


I realized that while I was compiling my list of Top 10 Hot Bitches that there were plenty of players who I thought were just too cute to be placed onto said list. So I've made another list of...

Really? You Think So?


What in Zeus' name is going on here? Trade rumors are rumors because they are founded on the speculation of someone who people will listen to. The problem is, this sometimes leads to ridiculous...

Teddy Purcell Has Enough Teeth to Speak!


Training camp for the Los Angeles Kings began on Sunday, September 14th at the Toyota Sports Center and all the players are back and ready to go. Kings Vision has one-on-one interviews posted of...

The Aftermath of the Ovechkin Hit on Briere


There has been a lot of back and forth on the Alexandre Overchkin hit on Daniel Briere of late. While the incident occurred days ago, there continues to be fall out from the small fine he received...

Habs All Over Ovechkin In More Ways Than One


Alexander Ovechkin is quite the newsmaker, on and off the ice. As the great 8 gets a firmer handle on the English language, the Russian star will surely be a media and blogger story trigger for...

Who's The Right Free Agent Fit For Montreal?


With July 1 just around the corner, Canadiens fans are geared for GM Bob Gainey to play a mid summer Santa Clause and deliver a gift to the 2007-08 Habs season's hopes. Yes, he's made his list,...

Boivin Sees No Margin For Error


Transcribed from Le Journal De Montreal, September 5, 2007 Over the course of the past few season, the Canadiens brass have gotten fans used to the same old line. From rejean Houle to Bob Gainey,...

More News Than You Can Shake A Stick At: September 12, 2007


(Robert L Note: Finally we are into the thick of hockey talk that isn't just print and rumour based. We can now start sinking teeth into the actual blood, sweat, tears and high sticks that games...

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