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It appears that Eugene Melnyk's "Everybody Remain Calm" message has bore some short term fruition. With two surprising wins over rival Buffalo, the Sens may have begun to turn a nightmare start...

A Flash In The Pan?

With the recent rise in his level of play, Canadiens goalie Cristobal Huet is beginning to silence critics who claimed the French netminder was a one year wonder.Huet's main claim in his climb to...


Some interesting opinions courtesy of Stan Fischler's "Drop A Dime" column in the New England sports journal this week concerning the Habs and Canadiens.First the Habs:Last time we saw Robbie...

Best Goalie In The NHL!

If there are any remaining doubters, they are fewer!Cristobal Huet is the best goalie in the NHL. With stats to back his stature, no one can make claims otherwise.After posting tonight's shutout /...

Canadiens And Sabres - A Rivalry In The Making

That little important point in the standings means so much more come April than it will now.Tonight, the Habs fell in a shootout the Buffalo, the third time in four meetings in...

Koivu Stars Again As Habs Suffocate Crosby

The atmosphere in the Bell Centre was buzzing with anticipation as the usual full house crowd of 21,273 gathered for the first visit of Sidney Crosby and the red hot Penguins. I...

Bruins Dump Habs In Annual Pre-Christmas Twilight Zone Game

I decided to do something a little different tonight with the game recap. I thought I'd try my hand at some live journal note taking during the game. It's not a simple as when I...

Habs Over Caps 4-1 / Another Officiating Low

Tonight's Capitals and Canadiens tilt had the cumulative effect of splitting my emotions in different directions. While it may at first glance apprear to be a game in which the Habs coasted to a...

The Habs - "So what went right?"

The Canadiens are about to hit the midway point of a successful first half of the 2006-07 campaign.Regardless of the recent Sunbelt tailspin - their first consecutive losses in regulation - many...

Canadiens In Crisis Mode

What in God's name has gone wrong with the Montreal Canadiens lately?Watching the team tailspin in the last ten games, I wish I had the answer.I wish Guy carbonneau had the answer!I have been...

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