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Bruins Dump Habs In Annual Pre-Christmas Twilight Zone Game


I decided to do something a little different tonight with the game recap. I thought I'd try my hand at some live journal note taking during the game. It's not a simple as when I...

Habs Over Caps 4-1 / Another Officiating Low


Tonight's Capitals and Canadiens tilt had the cumulative effect of splitting my emotions in different directions. While it may at first glance apprear to be a game in which the Habs coasted to a...

GM Gainey Will Be Defined By Trade Deadline Actions


The city of Montreal's media are an ocean divided when it comes to how Candiens GM Bob Gainey should approach the Febuary 27 trade deadline. Fans fall on both sides of the divide are...

Habs Send Rivet To Sharks For Josh Gorges And First Rounder In 2007


Montreal Canadiens GM Bob Gainey announced today the acquisition of defenseman Josh Gorges and the San Jose Sharks first round pick in 2007, in return for defenseman Craig Rivet and a 5th round...

Habs Hopes Derailed By Many Factors


Call this a pre-post mortum.In the midst of a playoff stretch drive that has the Canadiens buggered by more issues than a Courtney Love counselling session, here are some of the complications that...

Offer In Souray's Hands, Will He Bluff?


It has recently been made known that Canadiens GM has quickly extended Habs free agent defenseman Sheldon Souray a contract offer. Gainey is acting lightening fast on this Souray portfolio, only...

Master Bob's Masterplan


The Montreal Canadiens wheeling and dealings of the past week leave little doubt that Canadiens GM Bob Gainey and staff are hard at work preparing for next season. With Andrei Markov tagged for...

Fingering Carbonneau


Midway through the 2006-07 season, Canadiens coach Guy Carbonneau was the happy recipient of accolades that described his coaching career as being very much right on track. The Habs powerplay was...

Is a Ryder / Halak Package A Reality?


Bob Gainey has consistently been described using words such as patient, stoic, and unrevealing. With the Canadiens progressing on schedule and looking good, the question must be asked as to when...

Who Could Leave?


Yesterday in Le Journal De Montreal, journalist Pierre Durocher took a look at which Canadiens players are most likely to be moved before the February 26 deadline. Of course not all, if any at all,...

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