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Worst Bruins: Marchand vs Julien

Have you ever wondered who the worst Bruin of all time was? We have too, and it's about time we find out, with your help. Today we finally arrive at the semifinals.

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same


The Montreal Canadiens are expected to announce that Michel Therrien will be hired as the new[old] head coach of the team. A decision that has seemed inevitable for a few days now, but still...

Game of the Night: Bruins @ Capitals


For the first time in these playoffs CBC has the Washington Capitals and Boston Bruins as their headline game. The reigning Stanley Cup champions have a great opportunity to grab a stranglehold on...


Game Thread: Habs host Bruins

The Habs look to win two straight over their bitter rivals


Game Thread: Habs at Bruins - Let's get it on!!!

It doesn't get better in the NHL's Eastern Conference

Ryder's On The Storm


Drafted 216th overall in the 1998 NHL Entry Draft, one could say that Michael Ryder was a draft day crap shoot that paid off with long shot dividends.Ryder has come a long way since that day,...

Why Blaming The Coach Is A Giant Step Sideways


Suggesting Canadiens coach Guy Carbonneau is under heavy scrutiny is an understatement, but it is almost a knee jerk reflex to blame a coach when nothing seems to be working on the ice.I've always...

Habs Feast On Baked Beantown Bruins


Talk about rebounding from a shutout loss!On the day when mercy finally came John Ferguson Jr.'s way, the Canadiens showed none to a Bruins team that has been owned by the Habs for some time now.H...

Habs For Breakfast - 2008-03-13


First the Habs had to tackle Jersey to climb back into first overall in the conference, now they have to full it off against Ottawa tonight.My prediction?If Montreal scores the first goal, the game...

Habs For Breakfast - 2008-03-20


Ah, a double shot of the Bruins, my favorite respected / hated rival. I remember the Bruins glory days and how the Habs used to pick them apart in the most unlikeliest of ways. Not much has...

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