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Higgings Eyeing Return


Chris Higgins was back on skates on Saturday and looking to be back in the Canadiens lineup next week. "It's been a very torturous six weeks," the speedy left-winger said. "The only...

Problem? What Problem?


It's the kind of problem a coach loves to have.After being sidelined since November 4 with an ankle injury, Chris Higgins is set to make his return any day now - possibly even tonight matchup...

Canadiens In Crisis Mode


What in God's name has gone wrong with the Montreal Canadiens lately?Watching the team tailspin in the last ten games, I wish I had the answer.I wish Guy carbonneau had the answer!I have been...

A Desperately Needed Boost


What a sweet win for the Canadiens over the New York Islanders tonight!With every game being an almost do or die affair for the Habs of late, it certainly was good to see them sensing desperation...

Plekanec Helps Habs To Gel


Six weeks of line juggling by coach Guy Carbonneau has finally settled into some winning line combinations. The coach owes no small amount of thanks to his steadiest player,...

Habs Can't Get There From Here


Continuing in the rock song analogy mode, my favorite R.E.M. track has always been a funky mother of a tune called "Can't Get There From Here". It's from a disc called "Fables Of The...

The Inseparable Komisarek and Higgins


Transcribed from Pierre Durocher of Le Journal De MontrealNew York natives Mike Komisarek and Chris Higgins are the best of friends who train together in the off season on Long Island. The pair...

10 Good Reasons For A Better 2007-08 Season


It is distressing, albeit I'm not surprised, to find that many a Habs fan are choosing to focus on what failed to happen during this off season, rather than what positives the latest changes can...

Ryder's On The Storm


Drafted 216th overall in the 1998 NHL Entry Draft, one could say that Michael Ryder was a draft day crap shoot that paid off with long shot dividends.Ryder has come a long way since that day,...

Habs Youth Core Ready To Emerge


For the upcoming 2007-08 season, much of the Canadiens progress as a team will be measured by the growth of a select group of young individuals set to make a permanent mark on the team. What they...

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