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Fresh Links: Kaleta Free Edition

BOS vs. BUF, Johnson in net? Paille looks back. See "Behind the B." BOS/BUF rivalry is old, real. Orr derides pushy hockey parents. Trade rumors. NHLPA obligated to defend Kaleta. Panthers, Oilers surprise foes- Thomas hurt. Is 1st goal magic?

I don't think the NHL or the refs understand what's in the rule book

This post, when I ran it originally on 10/15, referred to that night's Kings/Rangers game. I am reposting it because, in light of the Red Wings non-goal scandal, I wanted to vent a little on the...

Sleek to NHL: You are WEAK!

Sorry, one last out-the-door post, then I swear I am done 'til Monday:Brad May did a very bad thing, sucker-punching Kim Johnsson in the dying minutes of G4 after the game was well-decided on the...

Brad May: Do I really have to root for this a$$hole?

As this series shifts to Vancouver, so with it comes the winds of May…Brad May, that is. May is eligible to return to play for Anaheim after serving his three-game suspension for the uncalled-for...

Ducks avoid suspensions on the Tonight Show

Wow. Between Jay Leno's huge chin, Brad May's knack for suckerpunching, and Chris Pronger's head hunting elbows, I'm surprised this segment went off without a hitch.You can watch the clip here,...

Byproduct of Boredom: Anaheim Ducks Comics

Evil, keep your head up.To be continued?

Is it time for the Ducks to get a logo?

I must admit, I was pretty inspired by Pfizer's mother-of-all-Canucks-logos (happy birthday, Alanah!); it really got me to thinking--shouldn't the Ducks get back to the logo game? If you recall,...

Ducks Gameday—Poetic Justice for Bertuzzi

Nashville Predators (2-3-0, t-11th in west) at Anaheim Ducks (3-4-1, t-4th in west)As usual a matchup with Minnesota produced more injuries. Todd Marchant is day-to-day with a bone bruise, and Todd...

BoC Gameday—Earl and Rudy sound like idiots; Brad May acts like one

San Jose Sharks (46-21-10, 2nd in west) at Anaheim Ducks (44-26-8, 3rd in west)I had a lot of fun Wednesday at the Kings game with Rudy, so much so that I've decided to go back to the Honda Center...

Ducks Gameday—Updated Logo

Phoenix Coyotes (38-37-6, 12th in west) at Anaheim Ducks (46-27-8, 3rd in west)Memo to the league: Pronger's back, so watch your head (and shins)! In fact, I've gone ahead and updated my r...

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