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Double Overtime - The Hockey Fan's Ultimate Hockey Book

A great look at the NHL's 30 teams in Stephen Cole's latest literary effort.

An update on Pat Burns

I ran into a friend who recently spoke to the Burns family. Not a lot to report, but Burns and his wife Lynne recently sold their New Hampshire summer home, and are currently spending this summer in Quebec. Though obviously declining in health, the fact he was able to make the trip from Tampa to Quebec is a positive sign. I did up a brief piece on my site and I hope to chat up my contact a bit more, and if I get any updates, I will pass them on.

Habs For Breakfast - 2008-03-20

Ah, a double shot of the Bruins, my favorite respected / hated rival. I remember the Bruins glory days and how the Habs used to pick them apart in the most unlikeliest of ways. Not much has...

Playoff Tuned Habs Ready To Roll Over Any First Round Opponant

If you were tuned into the RDS Sports 30 sports news after last night's game, you might have heard from commentator Reneaud Lavoie, that according to a well informed source within the Canadiens...

Habs Playoff Picture Getting Clearer

At the end of Friday night's games, with two days left in the regular season, here is what is known about the Eastern Conference playoff teams.Philadelphia, who beat New Jersey 3-0, has clinched a...

Habs For Breakfast - Eastern Champions!

You have to wonder if the Penguins decision to sit Sidney Crosby yesterday could come back to haunt them.It may or may not have mattered in the games end result, but those could be two precious...

Habs For Breakfast - April 8, 2008

How's your hockey pools coming?I joined one last night with 6 people including a girl who chose 6 Ottawa Senators!Pretty simply rules in this pool: One point for a goal and assist, one point for a...

Habs Lured Into Playing The Bruins Game

This wasn't in the script!The Canadiens and Bruins series is turning into the nailbitter no one expected - not in wildest dreams.There are many colliding viewpoints on how this series has gone so...

Something Was.....Almost Bruin!

Robert L Note: Bill Simmons writes for ESPN.com and ESPN The Magazine as "The Sports Guy" and writes several columns each week for ESPN.com and ESPN Magazine. Rarely does Simmons venture into...

1924-25 The Forum And Two New Rivalries

When the defending Stanley Cup champion Canadiens took to the ice for the 1924-25 season, both the NHL and the Montreal hockey landscape had a very different look.To suggest the business of hockey...

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