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"Don't Change That Dial!" Well I did, thankfully!

How I became a fan of the Montreal Canadiens, and saved myself over 35 years of grief.


I Hat the NEW Formack.

Lets fass it, we all gived it a try. and it sucks, dont it?

Toronto Maple Leafs' Mount Puckmore


Who belongs on the Toronto Maple Leafs' Mount Puckmore? Find out who we selected.

1984-85 Team - Borje Salming


From the 1984-85 team, today's Leaf of the Day is the King of Sweden, Borje Salming.

Stop! Collaborate and Listen


We're cooking MC's like a pound of bacon. Where MC's are links and a pound of bacon is still bacon.

Sundin and Salming Make Their Finals Predictions


- Yes, it is actually impossible to predict, but I hope and believe that Detroit wins. And they do in six matches. -Mats Sundin, Vancouver Canucks. - I have seen Detroit several times at the end and I think they look damn good. They are so stable, safe and individually talented.. All of them. And I think they go all the way again. I am aware that while Pittsburgh played well, but Detroit won by 4-1 against Chicago despite the fact that both Lidström and Datsyuk was gone. They are incredibly strong. - Börje Salming I have to agree with the Swedes. Go Detroit, and I say they take it in 7.

Honouring Leafs Legends


Unfortunately for all involved my first attempt at this post, which was both humourous and eloquent as befits the occassion, was lost when my internet connection timed out.The Leafs are honouring...

Where NHLers come from: Sweden


Sweden's been considered a world power in hockey now for ages, but really hit its peak about five years ago in terms of NHL representation. The country has struggled at the junior level the past...

From The Archives: The Dissenting View On Burke


Bitter Leaf Fan takes a look at the reasons why Brian Burke is not the best fit to be General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

On Honouring or Retiring Numbers


The announcement of the honouring of Wendel and Dougie's numbers got me searching through the archives for a post that I wrote September 6, 2006 when my site was just a couple of months old. Some...

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