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The Canadiens 75th Anniversary Documentary

Looking back at the Canadiens 75th anniversary

The Canadians 75th Anniversary Video Parts 1 Through 6

Here a six You Tube clips, running at an average time of 8:30 each that comprise the whole of the Montreal Canadiens 75th anniversary VHS video.

Habs Owners - The Ernest Savard, Maurice Forget and Louis Gelinas Era: 1935 - 1940

        Robert L note to readers: While events in this particular post unfolded over 70 hockey seasons ago, much of what occurred is quite relevant to today. Often when I delve into the...

1932-33 Newsy Replaces Hart, And Finds Slowing Habs Hearts

Newsy Lalonde was a natural choice to replace Hart, who found the expanding season schedule to be too grueling to encompass his growing outside interests. As Lalonde had left the Canadiens in the trade for Aurel Joliat eleven seasons earlier, there were no present Canadiens players acquainted with his temperment from that era. They would soon learn the demanding Lalonde was a difficult to please taskmaster.

Canadiens Not For Sale....In 1932!

Back in November of 1932, then Canadiens owners Leo Dandurand and Joe Cattarinich claimed they would not sell their club for $300,000 in the midst of the Depression, if offered the money. Two years earlier, in 1930, they had turned down an official offer of $600,000 by an unamed American consortium.

The Early And Rare Canadiens Photography Of Conrad Poirier

Conrad Poirier was a photographer who snapped thousands of very well known photos between 1936 and 1946 from many regions across the province of Quebec. Whether shooting outdoor scenes of...

Debunking The French Canadien Territorial RuleMyth

There is a popular myth, longstanding in fact, and surely perpetrated by decades of Maple Leafs frustration that the Montreal Canadiens superiority from the early 1950's to the late 1970's was due...

Edouard "Newsy" Lalonde - The Canadiens First Superstar

Montreal Canadiens great, Edouard Charles "Newsy" Lalonde was a premier player in the pre-NHL era of hockey in the early 1900's.Lalonde excelled at both hockey and lacrosse. He is recognized by the...

1922-23 The Newsy Era Ends, A New One Begins

Two shocking blockbuster trades, with opposite results, highlighted the Canadiens 1922-23 season.On November 3, Canadiens owner Jos Cattarinich announced to much consternation and fan outcry, that...

1923-24 With Morenz Comes A Second Cup

After a span of several seasons in which the Canadiens roster saw hardly any changes, a youth movement of sorts, begun in 1922, had a dramatic effect on the team's fortunes for the 1923-24...

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