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Markov undergoes surgery - 6 months to recover

Defenceman Andrei Markov underwent knee surgery on Wednesday to repair a torn ACL in his right knee. Estimates put recovery time at as much as six months, making him available to return in mid-November. So much for the heroic playoff comeback in 2010. Hopefully Markov's recovery time is accelerated for 2010-11 much like his injury earlier this season.

Koivu Stars Again As Habs Suffocate Crosby

The atmosphere in the Bell Centre was buzzing with anticipation as the usual full house crowd of 21,273 gathered for the first visit of Sidney Crosby and the red hot Penguins. I...

Bruins Dump Habs In Annual Pre-Christmas Twilight Zone Game

I decided to do something a little different tonight with the game recap. I thought I'd try my hand at some live journal note taking during the game. It's not a simple as when I...

Habs Over Caps 4-1 / Another Officiating Low

Tonight's Capitals and Canadiens tilt had the cumulative effect of splitting my emotions in different directions. While it may at first glance apprear to be a game in which the Habs coasted to a...

Habs All Over Ovechkin In More Ways Than One

Alexander Ovechkin is quite the newsmaker, on and off the ice. As the great 8 gets a firmer handle on the English language, the Russian star will surely be a media and blogger story trigger for...

Why Trade Sheldon Souray?

Under the NHL's present salary cap structure, hockey's trade rumour mongers haven't had much to proselytize over this season. God forbid the notion, they've almost had to make up their own! With...

The Habs - "So what went right?"

The Canadiens are about to hit the midway point of a successful first half of the 2006-07 campaign.Regardless of the recent Sunbelt tailspin - their first consecutive losses in regulation - many...

A Dynasty Undone - What Became Of The SeventiesCanadiens

With the trade deadline fast approaching and the Canadiens fortunes slipping by the day, my attention soon turned to the teams soon to be UFA's, namely Markov, Souray, and Rivet on defense. While...

GM Gainey Will Be Defined By Trade Deadline Actions

The city of Montreal's media are an ocean divided when it comes to how Candiens GM Bob Gainey should approach the Febuary 27 trade deadline. Fans fall on both sides of the divide are...

Habs Can't Get There From Here

Continuing in the rock song analogy mode, my favorite R.E.M. track has always been a funky mother of a tune called "Can't Get There From Here". It's from a disc called "Fables Of The...

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