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Oh, the Irony, and danger, of playing Washington in Olympic Stadium!

With word that the NHL is about to go ahead with a proposed date featuring the Washington Capitals at the Big Owe, it's only a matter of time and circumstance before disaster occurs.

My NHL Awards, Done Right, With Unpredictable Suspense!

I'm not indifferent to the NHL award show, it's just that I usually can't find enough curiosity to tune in. Perhaps that is due in part to a lack of suspense from my point of view. I've always felt that announcing the finalists beforehand numbs whatever enthusiam I could muster. As an example, when was the last time you guessed wrong on the Hart Trophy winner?

The Aftermath of the Ovechkin Hit on Briere

There has been a lot of back and forth on the Alexandre Overchkin hit on Daniel Briere of late. While the incident occurred days ago, there continues to be fall out from the small fine he received...

Habs Over Caps 4-1 / Another Officiating Low

Tonight's Capitals and Canadiens tilt had the cumulative effect of splitting my emotions in different directions. While it may at first glance apprear to be a game in which the Habs coasted to a...

Habs All Over Ovechkin In More Ways Than One

Alexander Ovechkin is quite the newsmaker, on and off the ice. As the great 8 gets a firmer handle on the English language, the Russian star will surely be a media and blogger story trigger for...

The Hockey New Years Wish List

Here's a list of New Years wishes for the players and personalities, teams and organization that make hockey the greatest game on Earth.To the Canadian boys in Sweden at the WJC - another...

10 Greatest And Not So Great Moments In Washington Capitals History

(RC Note - I made a wager with CapsChick at View From The Cheapseats on Thursday's Habs - Caps game. The loser would have to post about the winning team on site at the losers blog. It sounded like...

Ovechkin Wins Shooter Competion

Well, kinda...If you were one of those wondering what the heck happened to Ovechkin during the skating drill, you're not alone.According to Martin Leclerc of Le Journal de Montreal,...

Sidney Crosby And Alexander Ovechkin 2007 All-Star Game Press Conference

That "Cat's Meow" question Sidney had to laugh off makes this whole clip worthwhile.I thought Les Nesman died on WKRP In Cincinati!Ovie is his usual, goofy and charming self - before a night of...

NHL Road Trip With Crosby And Ovechkin

Sidney Crosby only had one line in the NHL's promotional ad that was filmed January during the NHL All-Star Game, but it was a good one.The commercial, titled "Road Trip," opens with Washington...

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