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Habs Links: Subban Fined for Illegal Trip

Subban suspension leads today's Canadiens links

The Enigma Of Alex Kovalev

A recent Hockey News blurb caused an interesting stir in Montreal this week in regards to the always mystifying play and general on ice detachment of Habs winger Alex Kovalev. Coming on the heels...

Bruins Dump Habs In Annual Pre-Christmas Twilight Zone Game

I decided to do something a little different tonight with the game recap. I thought I'd try my hand at some live journal note taking during the game. It's not a simple as when I...

The Habs - "So what went right?"

The Canadiens are about to hit the midway point of a successful first half of the 2006-07 campaign.Regardless of the recent Sunbelt tailspin - their first consecutive losses in regulation - many...

Hurling Habs No Match For Rangers

The effort was there, the desire was there, but in the end the Canadiens could not overcome the combination of emesis, untimely penalty calls and the New York Rangers powerplay.The Habs will be...

The Kovalev Enigma - Part 2

Алексей КовалёвIn a previous post a while back, I spoke about the enigma that is Alex Kovalev - talented and infuriating.Talented because the guy does things with a stick and puck few...

The Seven Minute Kovalev Shift

No, this isn't a video of the shift, just Mike Keenan, on TSN, getting his word in on Alex Kovalev's famous 7 minute stroll on ice while playing for the coach with the 93-94 Rangers.Kovalev looks a...

Canadiens In Crisis Mode

What in God's name has gone wrong with the Montreal Canadiens lately?Watching the team tailspin in the last ten games, I wish I had the answer.I wish Guy carbonneau had the answer!I have been...

Stop Providing The Weary With Excuses - Lafleur

(Note - Guy Lafleur targets Kovalev and other lame duck players in his Sunday "Journal De Montreal" column. Lafleur's usual frankness is displayed here, as he doesn't mince words with what he sees...

Habs Hopes Derailed By Many Factors

Call this a pre-post mortum.In the midst of a playoff stretch drive that has the Canadiens buggered by more issues than a Courtney Love counselling session, here are some of the complications that...

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