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2003 NHL Re-Draft: Jeff Carter's Lucky Seven

He's not too many GM's favourite player, but Jeff Carter delivered tremendous value from the time he was drafted until today. He's our seventh overall pick in the 2003 Re-Draft series.

2003 NHL Re-Draft: Seabrook Takes Tough Road To Sixth

The 6th overall pick in 2003 belonged to the San Jose Sharks, who had gone through a terrible season which would change the league's power balance for many years. However, in our NHL Re-Draft, the 6th best value pick belonged to Brent Seabrook of the Chicago Blackhawks, who was awfully unheralded on draft day in 2003.

2003 NHL Re-Draft: Eric Staal, Franchise Player, Goes Fifth

Not one player has had a better career since the 2003 NHL Entry Draft than Eric Staal, the franchise centre for the Carolina Hurricanes. So why exactly is he ranked 5th in terms of value in our 2003 NHL Re-Draft?

2003 NHL Re-Draft: Neon Dion Goes Fourth

Dion Phaneuf was one of the most hotly discussed players to come from the 2003 NHL Entry Draft class. In our re-draft, he moves up five spots to 4th overall, despite his well-documented defensive issues.

2003 NHL Re-Draft: Corey Perry Proves His Critics Wrong

In a re-evaluation of the 2003 NHL Draft class, it's become painfully obvious just how wrong Corey Perry's many critics were. The lanky, chippy, talented winger is our 3rd overall selection in the redux.

2003 NHL Re-Draft: Ryan Getzlaf Leapfrogs Staal For Second

We look back to the 2003 NHL Entry Draft and see where the players rank today compared to back then. With the second overall pick, Ryan Getzlaf hears his name called much earlier than the 19th pick he claimed back in 2003.

2003 NHL Re-Draft: Shea Weber Goes First Overall

With the first pick in the 2003 NHL Re-Draft, defensemen Shea Weber emerges from the pack as the player who delivered the highest accumulated value. But back on draft day, he was an afterthought, with the spotlight going to a goalie, centre, and a winger.

The 2003 NHL Draft Redone: An Introduction

The 2003 NHL Entry Draft was the deepest Entry Draft of the past generation, and played a large impact on the post-lockout success of several NHL teams. Eyes on the Prize is re-drafting the whole class, and here's an introduction as to just what was looked at to determine the new order.

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