Quenneville grabs his groin to protest a call by the officials


In double overtime, things are getting heated between the Hawks and Blues, and Chicago coach Joel Quennville is not hesitant to show his displeasure.

Weise breaks the heart of a Lightning fan

How great was Dale Weise's game winner? If you go frame by frame, you can pinpoint the exact moment this Tampa Bay fan's heart breaks.

NHL RPG Playoff Preview: Eastern Conference

Who will come out on top in the NHL Arena?

Creative hockey display bashing Toronto at a Canadian Tire


Someone working at Canadian Tire in (I'm assuming) Ottawa, took advantage of their position in staging a display to take a shot at the Toronto Maple Leafs. As funny as it may seem at first, the one thing that didn't go wrong with the Leafs this year was goaltending. Oddly that was Ottawa's achilles heel. It's almost as if Sens fans are really insecure or something.

Yes, you do have to cheer for the Habs

Are you sick of people telling you who to cheer for? You should be, because there's really only one choice.

Subban stars in new Boston Pizza commercial

Subban's charisma is part of what sets him apart in the NHL, and he's just beginning to scratch the surface of what he can bring in for endorsements.

Plekanec trolls Galchenyuk

The rookie hazing for Galchenyuk hasn't stopped yet, with Plekanec getting in on the act.

Sports talk in Canada this Spring:


As the only team in Canada that will make the playoffs this year, things can get tricky for Habs fans when talking sports to other fan bases come playoff time.

Poor Leafs fans...


I'm starting to feel a little bad for Leafs fans with how poorly their team is run, but I'm still laughing. Via

Contract extended

Apparently the results were just too good for Marc Bergevin to ignore, and Michel Therrien has been signed to an extension.


Lucic still whining about Emelin, hasn't watched the hit

Milan Lucic is still crying his eyes out about Emelin supposedly going after his knees, even though the hit was clearly, and obviously to his hip. Fun fact, Johnny Boychuk tried to take out Subban's knees, something he's tried several times over the years, and Subban hasn't said a word. Why? Because Subban is a professional hockey player, not a professional crybaby.

Logic, according to Milan Lucic


Last night Milan Lucic called Alexei Emelin a chicken for absolutely obliterating him with a clean hip check. That's rich, coming from Milan "no thanks" Lucic.

Marc Bergevin celebrates, remains dapper while doing so


Let it never be said that the general manager isn't emotionally invested in this team. His pure joy at watching the game winning goal is proof enough that Bergevin is a fan at heart, as well as the general manager.

This Minnesota Wild fan is really sad

The Wild dropped their game against Columbus last night in the shootout, and are in the top wildcard spot in the Western Conference, but they're fighting for their playoffs lives right now. The loss was too much to take for one fan, who looked absolutely despondent.

This Hour Has 22 Minutes parodies Strombo's debut on Hockey Night in Canada


Canada is buzzing with the news that George Stroumboulopoulos will be the new host of Hockey Night in Canada, so This Hour Has 22 Minutes took a crack at what the first episode would look like.

The Trade Deadline: A Prediction

Predicting Marc Bergevin's trade deadline: CHaracter.

Jacques Martin drops a subtle bomb on the Habs

The last thing most people would call Jacques Martin is a good quote, but he dropped an absolute bomb on Marc-Antoine Godin today, saying that the good thing about the Habs firing him is that they got to draft Alex Galchenyuk, insinuating that the Habs wouldn't have been a lottery club under him, which is pretty much 100% fact.

Douglas Murray dangles [gif]

For a moment in tonight's Red Wings vs Canadiens game Douglas Murray forgot he was Douglas Murray.

Prust and Subban wear some ugly suits

Looks like Brandon Prust and P.K. Subban are having some fun before the Olympic break, as the trip to Carolina has been dubbed the "bad suit trip". Who's worse?

Subban checks himself into Detroit's bench [gif]

Subban missed a body check against the Red Wings, and almost becomes one of them.

Budaj wants to fight Fleury [gif]

After the game got out of hand, Peter Budaj challenged Fleury to a fight, and he was more than game, but the refs interfered.

Two years without a goal

Raphael Diaz can do a lot of things in the NHL, but he also has one significant limitation.

Pacioretty likes to stick out his tongue

Habs left winger Max Pacioretty has an odd habit that seems to show up in almost every picture of him. He likes to stick out his tongue... constantly.

Dive Files: Winter's worst

A recap of the worst dives & embellishments from the past two months.

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