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Subban helps Seth Rogen drink from Stanley Cup


As the Just For Laughs festival winds down, P.K. Subban joined comedian Seth Rogen on stage last night. Subban helped Rogen by filling the Stanley Cup with beer, so that the comedian could drink out of it. The full story can be found here.

The darkest day in EOTP history

There's no other way of putting it, we've got a scandal on our hands and we need to do what's right.

Everything Seguin does Subban does better


"Tyler Seguin was late to the party" - Travis Hughes

How Mike Weaver spent his summer


If you're not following Mike Weaver on twitter, you really should be. Here's why.

Trade garbage to Philly while they're collecting


In short, yeah, duh.

Bruins fan gets an absurdly embarrassing Thornton tribute tattoo


I don't even know where to start with this. First off, it's a Shawn Thornton tribute tattoo. It's difficult to put into words how embarrassing that is in the first place. Secondly, in order to lionize one of the dumbest moments in Thornton's career (there's a lot to pick from), this Bruins fan tattooed a Habs symbol on his skin. Ha! Thirdly, he seems to have put a 76 for Subban on a Wayne Gretzky Jofa helmet from 1986.

The NHL is biased in favour of the Rangers


After reading a post on Blueshirt Banter, I decided to do some digging for myself into the NHL.

Top of the Heap: Popularity of New York Teams


(humor) Montreal is beside itself with Stanley Cup fever. New York? Not so much. The Rangers will be facing more than just the Canadiens in the Eastern Conference Final. They'll be fighting for the...

Subban has a message for Lucic


Go for those nuts again. Go for them again, I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker, go for those nuts one more Goddamn time! [gif courtesy of IPW]


Lucic preparing for the Habs


We found exclusive footage of Milan Lucic practicing for the upcoming series against the Habs. Practice makes perfect, right? (credit to Watsatheo for the gif)

Biggest divers in the NHL


We take a totally unbiased, legitimate and scientific approach to establishing an answer to the age old question: "What team represents the epitome of a diving franchise?"

The worst Bruins of all time: Introduction


Have you ever wondered who the worst Bruin of all time was? I have too, and it's about time we find out, with help from you.

Bruins don't dive


In another edition of "Hypocrisy Today", Zdeno Chara reminds us all that the Bruins don't dive.

Carey Price is giving Roberto Luongo strange feelings


You said it, Roberto.

The Bolts are down, and they'll stay down


History shows that when the Tampa Bay Lightning come into trouble, they don't find their way out of it, because of the influx of dumb idiot Florida chemical freaks

Quenneville grabs his groin to protest a call by the officials


In double overtime, things are getting heated between the Hawks and Blues, and Chicago coach Joel Quennville is not hesitant to show his displeasure.

Weise breaks the heart of a Lightning fan


How great was Dale Weise's game winner? If you go frame by frame, you can pinpoint the exact moment this Tampa Bay fan's heart breaks.

NHL RPG Playoff Preview: Eastern Conference


Who will come out on top in the NHL Arena?

Creative hockey display bashing Toronto at a Canadian Tire


Someone working at Canadian Tire in (I'm assuming) Ottawa, took advantage of their position in staging a display to take a shot at the Toronto Maple Leafs. As funny as it may seem at first, the one thing that didn't go wrong with the Leafs this year was goaltending. Oddly that was Ottawa's achilles heel. It's almost as if Sens fans are really insecure or something.

Yes, you do have to cheer for the Habs

Are you sick of people telling you who to cheer for? You should be, because there's really only one choice.

Subban stars in new Boston Pizza commercial

Subban's charisma is part of what sets him apart in the NHL, and he's just beginning to scratch the surface of what he can bring in for endorsements.

Plekanec trolls Galchenyuk


The rookie hazing for Galchenyuk hasn't stopped yet, with Plekanec getting in on the act.

Sports talk in Canada this Spring:


As the only team in Canada that will make the playoffs this year, things can get tricky for Habs fans when talking sports to other fan bases come playoff time.

Poor Leafs fans...


I'm starting to feel a little bad for Leafs fans with how poorly their team is run, but I'm still laughing. Via

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