Opinions and observations made during the course of the season

Today, I met Carey Price


Carey Price was signing autographs and taking pictures at the Play4Life ball hockey tournament in Richmond, B.C. today, and I was there.

Scherbakmania runs wild in Montreal


Everybody is always paying special attention to first round picks, but this year was a little different.

The defensive conundrum is solved


Marc Bergevin had several issues to sort out on defense this off season, and he made short work of the conundrum left at the end of last season.

P.K. for C


The Montreal Canadiens need a new captain, and we have a few good choices, but one great one.

Thanks, that was fun


With both veterans leaving the Canadiens this summer, we thought it would be a perfect time to appreciate their contributions to the team.

The defensive conundrum


With several key free agents, two seemingly NHL ready players in the final year of their respective Entry Level Contracts, and only a pair of defenders under multi-year contracts, the Habs...

What to do with Gionta?


Fans are split down the middle when it comes to the Brian Gionta situation, but the solution seems to be clear as day.

What's your best in-person hockey memory?


Sometimes when you go to a game, you see something truly special. We've asked everyone from EOTP to relay their favourite hockey memory that they experienced in person, at the rink, and we ask that...

Lafleur's criticism of Pacioretty is hypocritical


Former NHL players don't always give very good analysis, even though they "played the game", and Guy Lafleur is no exception.

The man with the golden voice


Though Bob Cole will be back next year, there won't be many more years of work for the soon-to-be 81-year-old legend.


Why I always look forward to playing the Bruins

There are legitimate reasons to be sick of the Habs/Bruins match up, but trust me, the ends justify the means.

The joy of playoff unpredictability

One of the greatest things about sports fandom is forgetting about what you know and embracing how you feel.

The Weaver effect


All eyes are on Vanek, although Marc Bergevin's other deadline acquisition is holding his own.

A worthy candidate


Is David Desharnais a worthy Masterton nominee? Absolutely. Here's why.

In defence of the coach


A lot of us love to hate him. Here's why I don't.

How to sell hockey to women: Stop trying to


Trying to market sports with "Girl's Nights" and other gimmicks is counterproductive.

Defining a rivalry


What makes the Bruins/Habs rivalry so special? If it the hate? The blood? The playoffs? No, it's the respect for the rivalry itself.

The implications of Vanek


No, it's not a fancy stat post, just some thoughts on Thomas Vanek and what his acquisition means.

Bon voyage, Diaz


For Raphael Diaz, the trade from the Montreal Canadiens to the Vancouver Canucks represents a fresh start.

Being a Habs fan is hard


Watching the Canadiens post disappointing efforts night in and night out can take its toll on a Habs fan's sanity, and sometimes you just need to let it all out.

On teaching P.K. Subban lessons


Michel Therrien's stubborn clinging to his 'team concept' mantra is clouding his coaching and hindering the Canadiens' ability to win games.

What are your Christmas hockey wishes?


The Eyes On The Prize writers and editors share our Christmas hockey wishes, and we'd like to know yours, too.

Max's sword celebration: Much ado about nothing


Is it too much? Is it classless? Should it even matter?

Punch drunk


After his fight with Eric Boulton in Saturday's game against the Islanders, Parros was clearly hurt and needed help getting to the penalty box. Should we be worried about his health?

Reaping what you sow


After the chaos that resulted in multiple injuries and suspensions on Saturday, everyone is blaming hockey culture, but could it also be due to Bruins culture?

It finally begins


It's been a quite the wait, but the season series between the Bruins and the Canadiens finally begins tonight. And with it comes both the glorious aspects of this rivalry and the craziness of it....

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