Habs Legends and History

A look back at the players and special moments from the Canadiens past

What would the 2002 Top 25 Under 25 look like?

We've only released these lists annually since 2010, so we're taking a bit of a liberty and imagined what we would have done had we been doing this for a bit longer. Put on some Nelly, Jimmy Eat...

The man who changed the game


Doug Harvey is widely known in the hockey world as one of the best defensemen ever to play the position. It sounds odd to say, but even he falls into the category of greats that no one seems to...

The greatest defenseman no one talks about


Larry Robinson is one of the greatest players to play defense in the history of the NHL, yet he is often absent when people talk about the all time greats. It's high time we put Big Bird into that...

Trading centers rarely helps


Why dealing good centermen away creates a big, big problem.

The legend of Robert Lang and lessons for today


Do the Habs really have too many centermen? Exploring the career of Robert Lang may give us a few ideas.

Canadiens vs Bruins: What Happened Last Time?


The Original Six rivals are meeting for the 34th time in the NHL playoffs, what happened the last time these two teams clashed in the quest for the Stanley Cup?

The definition of rivalry


Count em up folks. 33 post season meetings, and one more on the way. The Habs and Bruins have been at this for decades, and there is a lot of history going into this second round series.

The Good Friday Massacre


April 20th, 1984 was the date of one of the most intense brawls in the history of the NHL. The Montreal Canadiens and the Quebec Nordiques engaged in a veritable battle royal during game 6 of the...

Habs vs Lightning: What Happened Last Time?

It's been 10 years since the Lightning and Canadiens have met in the playoffs, and they'll be facing off on Wednesday for the second series ever between the two teams. But what happened the first...

Being black in the NHL


While this may seem like an odd topic for a white kid from Ontario to write about, it is a topic I feel needs to be explored. So let's take a look at the history of black players in pro hockey, and...


What to expect from the Habs at the deadline

The Montreal Canadiens are a decidedly conservative club when it comes to making moves at the trade deadline. Here's a look at what we can expect this year, based on the last five deadlines.

1000 points for Pocket Rocket


On December 20th 1973, Henri "Pocket Rocket" Richard, Canadiens legend and younger brother of Maurice potted his 1000th career point in a game against the Buffalo Sabres. Here's a look back at his...

Killer curves


Trailing by a game in the finals, and by a goal in the second game of the series, Marty Mcsorley's stick may have been the thing that turned it all around for the Canadiens.

The H does not stand for Habs


There is a common misconception among fans of other teams, and even some Habs fans, that the Canadiens logo contains an H meaning Habs. Nope.

Guest post: Why Isles fans hate Kirk Muller


In the myopic and narcissistic world of sports fandom, each team has its own set of problems and issues, many of which will never be experienced by another team's fanbase.

Trader Sam


One time Sam Pollock yelled at my dad... When he wasn't yelling at kids in the neighbourhood, he was busy making shrewd moves like these as Canadiens GM.

10 Habs trades of the 90's: Trevor Linden


At last, I dip into the archives for a trade that I'm actually old enough to remember. In 1998, the Montreal Canadiens shipped their 1999 first round pick to Long Island for Trevor Linden.

10 Habs trades of the 90's: 'Le Trade'


Sorry folks, but when I started this series I knew I'd eventually have to do this to you. I don't think anyone will argue that this was the worst trade of the 90's, and maybe even the history of...

10 trades of the 90's: Corson for Damphousse


While the 90's were a particularly bad decade for the Habs in terms of trades, not every trade was a complete failure. In the 1992 off-season, the Habs acquired eventual captain Vincent Damphousse...

10 biggest Habs trades of the 90's: Chelios/Savard


The 1990's was not a great decade for the Habs when it comes to trades. This Summer, I'll be posting a series of articles outlining the top 10 (or not so top 10) trades of the decade. Up first:...

Another time the Bruins collapsed


On the heels of the epic 17 second defeat of the Bruins at the hands of the Blackhawks, let's take a look back at another stunning playoff loss for the B's. Just so happens, this one was against...

The Montreal Canadiens and the Norris


As P.K. Subban seems to be nearing the first Norris Trophy of his career, here's a look back at other Habs players that have earned the honour.

Sam Pollock: How the Habs grabbed Guy


The story of how the Habs got Guy Lafleur in the draft is one that is quite well known. But if you are one of those who has yet to hear this story, it is one that you must be told.

Habs vs. Sens: History


While we all would have loved to see the 34 year Habs/Leafs playoff drought end, we will instead be treated by the first ever Habs/Senators playoff meeting. Here are some of the greatest moments...

Habs vs Leafs: A Dying Rivalry?


The Habs and Leafs rivalry just ain't what it used to be. Born of English-French tensions and hockey passion, a 30 year playoff series drought has somewhat cooled this once great rivalry. But, for...

Sam Pollock: Fleecing the Bruins


Following the 1964 draft, Sam Pollock orchestrated a trade between his Canadiens and the Boston Bruins. The trade involved four collegiate prospect players; three skaters and one goaltender: Ken...

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