Habs 2014 Development Camp: Jiri Sekac Highlights


Full footage of days 4 and 5 of the camp is on its way, but I thought I'd give you guys a teaser first. This guy needs to be in the NHL next season.

Scherbak answers fan questions


The Habs' first round pick in 2014 is going to be answering your questions live on youtube in a few short minutes. Tune in and hand out with Nikita!

No words - NHL commercial


Since the Kings are on the verge of winning the Holy Grail, it's worth taking a look at perhaps the best commercial in NHL history.

P.K. Subban gives Tokarski a big kiss


Subban is a romantic kind of guy, apparently! (vine via @VicNasty2point0)

. No doubt Pierre McGuire is jealous.

A video breakdown of Alexei Emelin being awful


Youtuber Rich Glanzer posted a homemade video breakdown of the game winning goal last night, showing Emelin in an even worse light than originally thought. This is just flat out embarrassing.

Rangers fan tries to burn Prust's jersey, fails miserably


Here at EOTP we've been treated to constant, irrational trolling and commentary from idiotic Rangers fans, but this guy takes it to a whole new level by trying to burn his Rangers Prust jersey, only to fail miserably and embarrass himself.

Pierre McGuire goes nuts for Tokarski


We all know Pierre McGuire loves Dustin Tokarski and Game 3 proved to be no different. Video created by Some Hockey Videos on Youtube.

Gallagher hits Tokarski with pie following game 3 win


It looks like our young netminder is enjoying his moment under the sun.

EOTP's Veronica Canete on Telejournal

May 15 Telejournal from Veronica Canete on Vimeo.

For the second time this week, one of our contributors at Eyes on the Prize was interviewed on TV. Congrats Veronica!

The Bell Centre Celebrates Game 7


The Canadiens sold out the Bell Centre to watch Game 7 on the jumbo-tron in the arena. Now sit back and watch as the fans in attendance cheer and celebrate the final minute of play in a 3-1 win over the Bruins. Video courtesy of HockeyWebCaster on Youtube(@HockeyWebCast on Twitter)

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