Marc Bergevin rushes to congratulate the team


As per usual, Marc Bergevin was incredibly animated after the Habs win, this time he was spotted bolting full speed, presumably towards an elevator so that he could celebrate the series win with the team. (gif courtesy of @PeteBlackburn)

Carey Price robs Cedric Paquette on the goal line.


Carey Price made Cedric Paquette regret his trash talk as he commits what I can only assume is grand larceny. gif courtesy of @myregularface

Quenneville grabs his groin to protest a call by the officials


In double overtime, things are getting heated between the Hawks and Blues, and Chicago coach Joel Quennville is not hesitant to show his displeasure.

Marc Bergevin celebrates game one OT goal


Marc Bergevin is a man of many expressions and apparently many dance moves. The Habs GM celebrated with this hilariously awkward dance. Meanwhile Steve Yzerman...looked less than pleased. gif courtesy of @myregularface who you should all follow immediately.

Creative hockey display bashing Toronto at a Canadian Tire


Someone working at Canadian Tire in (I'm assuming) Ottawa, took advantage of their position in staging a display to take a shot at the Toronto Maple Leafs. As funny as it may seem at first, the one thing that didn't go wrong with the Leafs this year was goaltending. Oddly that was Ottawa's achilles heel. It's almost as if Sens fans are really insecure or something.

Sports talk in Canada this Spring:


As the only team in Canada that will make the playoffs this year, things can get tricky for Habs fans when talking sports to other fan bases come playoff time.

Habs have been better than Tampa since Olympics


Although the Lightning have been better than the Canadiens for pretty much the entire season, since the Olympic break, the two teams have been very close, with Montreal holding the edge. Via

Poor Leafs fans...


I'm starting to feel a little bad for Leafs fans with how poorly their team is run, but I'm still laughing. Via

Pacioretty second star of the season in the NHL


Although Habs fans are well aware of his dominance, other fans are starting to take notice of the endless amount of goals Max Pacioretty produces. As it stands, the 25 year old American is sitting in second among all NHL players for the 3 Stars rankings in the NHL. Pretty good for a perimeter player, don't you think?

Logic, according to Milan Lucic


Last night Milan Lucic called Alexei Emelin a chicken for absolutely obliterating him with a clean hip check. That's rich, coming from Milan "no thanks" Lucic.


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