Douglas Murray suspension: Phone hearing scheduled for tomorrow

In a bit of bad news for the Canadiens, Douglas Murray will be subject to a phone hearing to decide his suspension for last night's chicken wing elbow to the head of Lightning defenseman Mike Kostka. A phone hearing instead of an in person hearing means that Murray will face a maximum of a five game ban, likely less than that due to being a first time offender. It was probably too much to hope he would receive more.

Douglas Murray head shot on Kostka

The good news is that Kostka was 'ok' (a relative term, he did appear to suffer a brain injury), but the bad news is that it was definitely a head shot, and probably worthy of a suspension. Due to the 'fencing response' we can assume that Kostka was concussed on the play.

Habs have been better than Tampa since Olympics


Although the Lightning have been better than the Canadiens for pretty much the entire season, since the Olympic break, the two teams have been very close, with Montreal holding the edge. Via

Poor Leafs fans...


I'm starting to feel a little bad for Leafs fans with how poorly their team is run, but I'm still laughing. Via

Pacioretty second star of the season in the NHL


Although Habs fans are well aware of his dominance, other fans are starting to take notice of the endless amount of goals Max Pacioretty produces. As it stands, the 25 year old American is sitting in second among all NHL players for the 3 Stars rankings in the NHL. Pretty good for a perimeter player, don't you think?

Lucic still whining about Emelin, hasn't watched the hit

Milan Lucic is still crying his eyes out about Emelin supposedly going after his knees, even though the hit was clearly, and obviously to his hip. Fun fact, Johnny Boychuk tried to take out Subban's knees, something he's tried several times over the years, and Subban hasn't said a word. Why? Because Subban is a professional hockey player, not a professional crybaby.

Logic, according to Milan Lucic


Last night Milan Lucic called Alexei Emelin a chicken for absolutely obliterating him with a clean hip check. That's rich, coming from Milan "no thanks" Lucic.

Milan Lucic spears Emelin in the gonads.


Ever the epitome of class, Lucic was still sore about the huge hit Emelin gave him earlier in the game and gave him a blatant slash to the cojones. There was no penalty on the play. Stay classy Lucic. h/t to @MyRegularFace for the gif.

Emelin destroys Lucic with a clean hip check. Chara gets mad

Alexei Emelin looks to be back to his old ways. He quickly set the tone in this game by demolishing his rival Milan Lucic. Of course, Zdeno Chara lacks the mental capacity to process that it was clean, and received a penalty for the retaliation.


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