Bruins fan gets an absurdly embarrassing Thornton tribute tattoo


I don't even know where to start with this. First off, it's a Shawn Thornton tribute tattoo. It's difficult to put into words how embarrassing that is in the first place. Secondly, in order to lionize one of the dumbest moments in Thornton's career (there's a lot to pick from), this Bruins fan tattooed a Habs symbol on his skin. Ha! Thirdly, he seems to have put a 76 for Subban on a Wayne Gretzky Jofa helmet from 1986.

Leblanc traded to the Ducks


Earlier in the week, Andrew Berkshire posed some questions on what should be done with Louis Leblanc. Marc Bergevin seems to have answered that question in no uncertain terms by dealing the Bulldogs forward to the Anaheim ducks for a conditional fifth round draft pick in 2015. A conditional fifth round pick seems to me a bit of a weak return for a player like Louis Leblanc. Sure, he has struggled in recent years, but I would have expected a little more for someone who was drafted as high as he was. What do you think? Was this enough of a return for Leblanc?

No words - NHL commercial


Since the Kings are on the verge of winning the Holy Grail, it's worth taking a look at perhaps the best commercial in NHL history.

Tim Bozon takes the ice for the first time since his illness


Earlier this week, Marc Bergevin noted that Tim Bozon had asked for his equipment, which he took as a good sign. Two months and 5 days after he was released from hospital, Bozon is on the ice for the first time to practice. Great news, and great to see for Tim. Bozon also posted a quick instagram video.

Canadiens have given the Panthers permission to speak to Gerard Gallant


According to Radio Canada, the Montreal Canadiens have given the Florida Panthers permission to speak to assistant coach Gerard Gallant about their vacant head coaching position. Gallant runs the Habs' forward lines and works on the powerplay with Clement Jodoin.

Price was ready to play in the finals


Despite the collision with Chris Kreider looking like a serious injury today Carey Price said he would have been ready to play had the Canadiens made it to the Stanley Cup finals. The news stings a bit but it's relieving to hear the injury is not serious and does not require surgery.

Vanek was not playing injured during playoffs


Despite much speculation, Vanek shot down any thoughts that he was playing hurt during the playoff run. Have fun in Minnesota, Thomas.

Carey Price practices with team


There's still no word on his official return, but it seems like Price is getting quite close to being healthy enough to start.

NHL won't punish Dorsett's headbutt on Weaver


According to Pierre Lebrun, the NHL set a dangerous precedent today, allowing Derek Dorsett to skate into game six unscathed after a full body headbutt to Mike Weaver. It's a gross thing to let go, especially considering Patrick Kaleta was banned for four games for a less dangerous headbutt.

Derek Dorsett Head Butt on Mike Weaver


Well, what we have here is a very sore loser taking out his frustration with one of the dirtiest plays you'll see in hockey. I would honestly love to hear someone explain to me how this is not suspension worthy. Stay classy, bud.

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