Anything to do with charitable efforts

Five Hole for Food back in Montreal


Every year Five Hole for Food tours the country to raise food for those that need it. Come out and help us do it.

Get your mo flow on


Home to the finest Movember team in all the land...

Scaring for a good cause


Every October, frequent commenter JD_ transforms his Montreal home into a horror show, frightening children and taking donations for the Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundation.

1,000 words of praise for Erik Karlsson


A post containing not-mean things about Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson.

The winner of the caption contest is...


We're happy to announce the winner of the first ever EOTP caption contest.

How hockey blogging has changed my life


Blogging about a sports team can often result in many an adventure and some of the most important relationships in your life. Here is a look at what writing about the Habs and hockey has done for me.

Caption Contest - Win An Actual Prize!


Win 4 tickets to the Habs Red VS. White Intrasquad game at the Bell Centre on September 14th.

P.K. Subban should be traded


Over the summer, I've come to realize that perhaps it's best if P.K. Subban gets traded away from Montreal.

500 words of praise for Zdeno Chara


A while ago I promised to do a thing for charity, and unfortunately this is that thing.


Five Hole for Food - Made from Canada

The trailer for this year's Five Hole for Food drive is out!


EOTP challenge: Take part in Five Hole for Food


Five Hole for Food combines the greatest game on the planet with a great cause,

Donate money to charity and annoy Leafs fans


Pension Plan Puppets has given us a glorious opportunity, my friends. Let's take advantage of it.


Old Habs cards available for charity

Over at PPP, a contest has begun to raise money for two different charities. Please take a few moments and take a look!

Alberta - The greatest province


You probably won't read this, but this post was paid for by frequent commenter and Albertan, Doogie2K. The money goes towards theactivestick running a half marathon to raise money for a great cause.

Offer sheet P.K. - What if the Boston Bruins did?


What if the worst case scenario actually came true, and our bitterest rivals, the Boston Bruins, got P.K. Subban?

Selling our souls for a good cause


Make me or Andrew write whatever you want and help raise money to fight cancer. For example, you can make us say Carey Price is not perfect.

Trees for goals


One of the best things about SB Nation is the rivalries and cooperation between fanbases. This time we're cooperating.

Subban, Stamkos team up for charity


A really cool announcement today from the NHLPA and RBC about Subban and Stamkos

Supporting A Worthy Cause


Some things in hockey are more important than the game.

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