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Introducing Expected Shooting Percentage


New-wave hockey analysts have advocated regressing shooting percentages to league average, but is there a more accurate way of forecasting shooting performance?

Getting to Know 2014 7th Round Pick Jake Evans


And from the OJHL, the Canadiens selected Jake Evans with the 207th pick. Will he go the way of Mark Kettelhut or be another late round gem in the mold of Mark Streit or Jaroslav Halak?

Getting to Know 2014 6th Round Pick Hayden Hawkey

With their 6th round pick, the Habs tab a US born goalie with a NCAA commitment and one the best hockey names ever. Will Hayden Hawkey be the Habs starting goalie in 2019?

Getting to know Daniel Audette

The Canadiens used their 147th overall pick to select the son of former player Donald Audette. Daniel, like his father before him is small in stature, but brings a high level of offensive skill to...

Getting to know Nikolas Koberstein

With the 125th pick in the 2014 entry draft, the Canadiens went off the board to select a defenseman from the Alberta Junior Hockey League. Here's what we know so far about Nikolas Koberstein.

Winners and losers of the 2014 NHL Draft

The 2014 NHL Entry Draft has concluded, and it's time to go over the winners and losers.

5 undrafted players invited to Habs camp


According to Stephane Leroux of RDS, the Canaiens have invited the following five undrafted players from the QMJHL to their development camp: Marc-Olivier Crevier-Morin, Alexandre Goulet, Bokondji Imama, Philippe Gadoury, and Matthew Highmore. Perhaps the most interesting is Goulet, who was ranked 65th among North American skaters prior to the draft. We'll have to keep an eye out to see if any of these five players can make noise at camp.

The Montreal Canadiens select Jake Evans

With the 207th overall pick in the 2014 NHL Draft the Montreal Canadiens have selected Jake Evans from the OJHL.

The Montreal Canadiens select Hayden Hawkey

With the 177th overall pick, the Canadiens select Hayden Hawkey.

Canadiens select Daniel Audette

With the 147th overall pick, the Canadiens go into the local talent pool with Daniel Audette.

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