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2013-14 Season Review: Douglas Murray

It's a bit of a faux pas to kick a guy when he's down, but holy hell, good riddance.

2013-14 Season Review: Francis Bouillon

Continuing through our season review, it's time to go over the last time (we think) we'll see Francis Bouillon wear the Habs' colours.

2013-14 Season Review: Ryan White

As we continue through the departed Habs, here's our breakdown of Ryan White.

Olde Tyme Hockey, Pacioretty and Lafleur

Is Pacioretty already as good as Lafleur? It's a question worth asking.

2013-14 Season Review: Daniel Briere

We continue along with the season reviews with a look at Daniel Briere, now with the Colorado Avalanche.

2013-14 Season Review: Brian Gionta

As we continue the season reviews, here is the low-down on Brian Gionta.

2013-14 Season Review: Josh Gorges

To start the season review, we're going to go over the players the Canadiens moved on from, next up is Josh Gorges.

2013-14 Season Review: Thomas Vanek

To start the season review, I'm going to go over the players the Canadiens lost, starting with Thomas Vanek.

Prust's 2013-14 fight card

Brandon Prust is known as a guy who will always stick up for his teammates and take on all comers in a battle of fists. But, is he fighting the right people when these situations arise and are his...

Shot quality, the Habs' powerplay and P.K. Subban

Has P.K. reached his full potential as a powerplay quarterback?


Trading centers rarely helps

Why dealing good centermen away creates a big, big problem.

The legend of Robert Lang and lessons for today

Do the Habs really have too many centermen? Exploring the career of Robert Lang may give us a few ideas.

If a choice has to be made, who do you trade?

Every year it seems like there are rumours that Plekanec will be traded, yet he's still around, and he's probably going to be around a lot longer too.

Are the Habs better than last year?


The Canadiens have seen nearly universal praise for their summer moves, but are they better than last season?

2 juillet: l'attaque


Bergevin n'a pas encore beaucoup secoué son groupe d'attaquants. Est-ce que ça va changer bientôt?

Habs win big with Parenteau/Briere trade


Never mind that the Canadiens traded from a position of strength to address a position of weakness, this trade is a win based on talent alone.


Habs cap visualization including Parenteau

P.A. Parenteau takes Daniel Briere's place within the salary cap visualization after the trade with the Colorado Avalanche. And a static view of the current salary cap and contract situation: ...

Introducing Expected Shooting Percentage


New-wave hockey analysts have advocated regressing shooting percentages to league average, but is there a more accurate way of forecasting shooting performance?

The problem with Emelin


Alexei Emelin has his backers and his detractors, but as we move further along in his career certain patterns are emerging about how the team plays with him on the ice, and they aren't exactly...

Is Markov worth the risk inherent in his new deal?


Andrei Markov is 35 years old, and whenever you sign a guy at that age, there's an element of risk involved. Is he worth it?

Important offseason ahead for Habs


The Montreal Canadiens face several big questions heading into the offseason if they want to improve their team going into the 2014-15 season.

Reviewing two years of Bergevin


How has the rookie general manager fared so far? Let's take a look.

Reviewing two years of Therrien


It's been two years since Marc Bergevin hired Michel Therrien, so where are the Habs headed with him?

On Hockey's Probabilistic Nature


The Canadiens coach's post-game analogy can serve as a lesson to hockey fans, media, and managers local and beyond about what truly causes wins and losses in hockey

Why are teams that score first winning so much?


Teams that score the first goal are 21-1 in this round, I look into what could be causing that


The best (& worst) possession forwards in the NHL

Razorsharp84 returns with yet another epic fanpost, finding another Bruin at the top of the best possession players in the NHL.

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