Open letter to EOTP staff.

I am a Montreal Canadiens fan.

This is the team I am most passionate about (in comparison to all my favourite sports teams).

I enjoy the information this site offers, but not the discussion.

It would be nice to talk about my most, favourite team in the world, with other like minded fans.

But this is not acceptable here.

If someone likes Michel Therien, Douglas Murray or Francis Bouillion they are ostracized.

If someone argues against puck possession/fancy stats with talk of character, locker room or

toughness... ostracized.

Name calling is allowed if you follow the mob mentality.

Once I stood up for someone who was being called an idiot, not just by any person, but by Andrew Berkshire, the

person who runs this site. This sets a bad example.

I made a post about not liking this, how we are mostly adults and should be treated as such.

My post was deleted right away and I was issued a warning, told my opinion towards name calling doesn't matter.

This was very frustrating and I didn't plan on returning to this site, because of it.

But my love for the Habs and the trade deadline brought me back.

Today I read a post Straying away from fancy stats "by kmacdonaldhabs on Apr 3, 2014 | 6:42 PM" on


This person was basically run out of town, to the point kmacdonalshabs talked about deleting their account.

There are other instances of this over the past, we all know what I mean. I will not waste my time looking through all

the archives to post examples.

I like SB nation, I frequent Windy City Gridiron (Chicago Bears NFL), Raptors HQ (Toronto Raptors NBA) and

Bluebird Banter (Toronton Bluejays MLB).

None of these sites have the same mob mentality as this site.

Why is that?

Why can't everyone/anyone post their opinion without being attacked and called names?

Shouldn't every opinion be allowed a voice without ridicule, if they themselves don't ridicule?

Please allow this discussion to happen, without deleting it.

(I apologize for my grammar)

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