Habs vs Ducks Top Six Minutes: Murray and Emelin can't stop the win

Harry How

Inept coaching and awful officiating couldn't stop the Habs from beating the best team in the NHL in a shootout.

-We started the game with George Parros and scratched Lars Eller so clearly this was going to go well

-Obligatory point mentioning how much we all love and miss Saku Koivu

-Dustin Tokarski is also the 823rd player to don the the CH (the more you know shooting star dot gif)

-Parros had a fight and it didn't cost the team a scoring chance!

-But it put the Ducks on the penalty kill so boooo

-Anaheim didn't have a shot on net until 11 minutes into the period

-Plekanec to Gionta is like magic every time

-Tokarski single handedly killed the Ducks 2nd PP of the period because he's awesome


-The Anaheim crew really really don't understand how penalties work in the NHL

-Tokarski isn't just some call up goalie either...he's really really good and the Habs new goalie depth is absurd

-Parros got a standing ovation in Anaheim and for an enforcer that's pretty cool

-Corey Perry is dumb..for real

-In the first the Habs absolutely dominated the top team in the NHL at 5 on 5...if not for 2 powerplays i'm not sure the Ducks registered a shot on net

-Ducks PBP crew attributes the Habs lack of size to having trouble with defensive zone faceoffs

-The Habs took a lot of stupid penalties and tried their best to let the Ducks back into because we can't ever win easily

-And then they broke Tokarskis shutout because we can't have nice things

-Emelin did not have a good 2nd period...at all and by period I mean season

-I don't want to say the refs were bad tonight but I've seen better calls from a telemarketer

-Said bad calls led to one of the flukiest goals I've ever seen against Tokarski

-Douglas Murray led the Habs in ice time because someone has to keep the liquor stores in business

-Pacioretty got hurt and came back in the same amount of time it took me to go reheat my sub

-The Ducks took the lead because of course they did

-Gallagher then tied it because he's awesome

-Habs disallowed goal everyone drink!

-Hiller once again saved the Ducks bacon on the goal line

-Obligatory rant about how bad the refs are tonight

-I mean they called a penalty on Bourque who made his first good play in like ever

-Every time Emelin shot the puck tonight it was immediately followed by the words "and the shot is blocked"

-Plekanec makes Hiller look silly and because it's the habs it's post and out

-Loser point!

-Murray in overtime because Michel Therrien likes to live dangerously

-Galchenyuk played in OT and immediately led to a scoring chance!

-Shootout! (starting chugging scotch)

-What a gift in the shootout...it's nice to see the hockey gods on the Habs side for once


-Major props to Tokarski for facing 42 shots in his Habs debut...stood tall and kept the team in it all game

PS: Bring back Saku

EOTP 3 Stars of the Night

1.Dustin Tokarski

2.The posts in the shootout

3. Andrei Markov for being the bestest guy ever

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