Canadiens vs Maple Leafs Top Six Minutes: Bolland Bolland Bolland

A great win against a division rival, what a night!

  • Bob Cole should call every single Habs/Leafs game, and if you disagree you are wrong.
  • Oh crap, Dave Bolland is playing tonight, he's the best 3rd line centre in the history of the game!
  • Phil Kessel sure can skate, however he was softer than a baby seal on the Habs first goal. Even Sergei Gonchar in the playoffs thinks he was soft.
  • Pacioretty scores goals like I eat pie. A lot and often.
  • Rene Bourque scored. THIS IS NOT A TEST.
  • For the record that was Bourque's 9th goal this year. Could be worse, he could be David Clarkson.
  • Who do you think would win a fight between Desharnais and Phaneuf? It's irrelevant, isn't it? Phaneuf would probably pull the 'Dion special' and decline.
  • Anyone whose name is spelled Joffrey is evil, and likely the product of incest. Game of Thrones taught me that.
  • The CBC has the biggest hockey boner for Dave Bolland. Pierre McGuire would probably think it was a little too much.
  • Don Cherry just defended the dumb and chase. It's good to know that some things never evolve change.
  • If you happen to catch the replay of this game, drink every time HNIC mentions Dave Bolland. Make sure to pre-order your ambulance, due to the stomach pump you'll need in about 4 minutes.
  • If Bolland ever reviews the game tape he'll probably file a restraining order on Jim Hughson and Co. They mentioned him approximately seven hundred and forty two times in the first two periods. He had 6:40 TOI. Did I mention the CBC made a HIGHLIGHT VIDEO FROM HIS 6:40 TOI? SERIOUSLY.
  • Three cheers for Gionta. It's never pretty, but he keeps on chuggin'.
  • Kadri is terrible, Toronto should probably trade him to Montreal for cheap this summer.
  • Douglas Murray man... Douglas Murray.
  • Even Glenn Healy is questioning the roster choices. Do you hear that Michel? GLENN HEALY IS CALLING YOU OUT. "I'm not sure how Bouillon goes from being a #8 to playing with Subban. That's like going from being homeless to the penthouse".
  • For those about to Plekanec, we salute you.
  • Beating the Bruins is great, but beating the Leafs makes life worth living.
  • With the loss tonight Toronto now sits at less than 50% chance of making the playoffs. Make sure to keep that in your back pocket next time you talk to Leafs fans.
EOTP 3 stars:

3. Bolland
2. Bolland
1. Bolland


Pacioretty opens the scoring:

Rene Bourque scored a goal, hahahaha, Leafs. He now has MORE than twice as many as Clarkson.

The captain continues to produce:

Doesn't matter, had Plex.

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