Canadiens vs Red Wings Top Six Minutes: Gio's Good, but no Poulin

Montreal defense returns to action! - Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Bad game turns good, briefly. The Habs sneak away with a point on a night we 'celebrated' the return of CH Montreal.

Live Blog, which you get to read after the game is over!  Isn't this fun?

  • If Montreal hasn't had a police escort on Mike Babcock this entire day they aren't doing their job.  He's going to try and steal Carey form himself after the Olympics.
  • Alright!  Finally no more complaining about how the coach divvies up the ice time like we did all Olympics!  Oh, wait...
  • THE STRETCH DRIVE BEGINS.  It's important to stretch before a six week long drive, folks.
  • Marie-Philip Poulin.  That ovation shouldn't ever end.  Ever.
  • Poulin should never have to buy anything in her life from now on.  A drink at a bar, Canadiens season tickets, a phone bill, my love, nothing.
  • These uniforms don't need gold medals around them to look good.
  • Pacioretty is rusty.  He cycled the puck behind the goal line in his own zone...  with Douglas Murray backing him up.  That is the lowest percentage play possible.
  • Johan Franzen looked like he was going to keel over after a 15 second shift.
  • First power play gets rewarded on Montreal's first real extended offensive zone pressure.  It was created by Gallagher and Pacioretty.  Of Course.
  • Marie-Phillip Poulin is sitting behind Therrien.  Images of pure joy meet images of pure rage.  The cycle of life.
  • "That is why Subban didn't play", Babcock, probably, after Subban's penalty.
  • Bertuzzi not being at the Olympics makes me wish the Olympics didn't end.
  • Way to battle hard for position on that, Emelin.
  • Like I've always said, you see Douglas Murray open, you gotta give him the puck. What a dangle!
  • Dangle is a funny word.
  • Feels like Emelin is leading the team in icetime.  He isn't, but you'd think so judging by his speed to loose pucks.
  • Mike Johnson: "This game hasn't had a lot of flow."  Yeah, I miss Ryan White's hair, too.
  • Montreal hi-lite reel!:  Still waiting on first Controlled Zone Entry of the second period at first commercial break
  • Detroit's D has Kronwall, DeKeyser, Quincey, Smith, and Lashoff.  That's obviously way too many puckmovers.  When will they learn!?!
  • I thought Detroit had the silver medallists and the Habs had the gold medallists.  Doesn't look like it, does it?
  • Second commercial break Montreal hi-lite reel: Alex Galcheynuk controlled zone entry, lost puck on boards
  • THREE CONTROLLED ZONE ENTRIES IN A ROW.  Puck flutters to Howard for first shot of the period!
  • Habs PP!  *crickets*
  • In the intermission, Olivier Bouchard points out on Twitter that I might have been hallucinating the first Galchenyuk controlled zone entry.  We could count out them pretty easily: 4 by his count, 5 by mine.  I referenced all of them above.  I wasn't joking about the Habs hi-lite reel.  This is no longer a bullet point.  I'm sorry.  How's the family?
  • Alex Galchenyuk tries a nice move on a rush with speed.  He's like Lisa Simpson playing in the school band concert, busting out the big sax solo.
  • Alexei Emelin is playing the flute up his nose.
  • This 'stretch drive' is already reaching the point where I'm asking 'Are we there yet?'
  • Goal judge flips the light on out of a rare moment of excitement around Howard in a crease scrum.  I don't have to tell you who created the crease crashing scoring chance.
  • Where does the goal judge sit now anyways?
  • Nothing
  • Bad news: Now we have to watch more Therrien Hockey.
  • 3 on 3 OT due to questionable calls!  This is weirdly like the Canada-USA Gold Medal Game.
  • 2 forwards and 1 D is the only way to play in this situation.  Only way to make this fun.
  • That's not the result we deserved.  We deserved the regulation loss.
  • We aren't going to Disneyland, are we?
First Star: Masmullin snuck this in the first period...

Second Star: RudeFrenchCanadian summed up the action as well as Marc's decision to shift the conversation to duck gifs with this one of a duck hitting the books.

Third Star: TrevaDaddy, in response to Teenage Almond saying 'This is a boring game.':  'Jimmy Howard, is that you?'

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