Habs vs Devils Top Six Minutes: Thank god we don't play the Devils again edition

Bruce Bennett

The Habs took an early lead but gave up 4 straight goals to the refs I mean the Devils to totally kill any good vibes we had about them after the Chicago win.

For our new readers and members, Top Six Minutes is a brief overview of the Habs game, and a continuation of the discussion threads usually happens in the comments. We try to keep it light and entertaining, even when the Habs make it hard. Full recaps/analysis/walks of shame go up the morning after every game.

  • Big thanks to Laura for tagging me in for this edition of TSM. Hope this will entertain you more than the game we’re about to watch will.
  • If that last dot point didn’t give it away I’m doing this live.
  • Getting this out of the way now: The Devils are worse than watching paint dry, grass grow and turtles of the non-teenage mutant variety walk.
  • Looking at the wildcard standings, the Devils are like a 75 year old morbidly obese person: You have no idea how but they’ve stuck around.
  • A ton of talk about Jagr wanting to come to the Habs 3 times but kept getting turned away. I haven’t seen a European get rejected that much since Charles Darwin went to church.
  • I’m still pretty high on the Habs win over the Blackhawks. Figure it will dissipate soon enough.
  • Begins watching Habs-Devils game.
  • There it goes.
  • The Habs have beaten the Devils twice this season which marked the first two wins for the Habs against the Devils in franchise history.
  • Finding out pre-game that Desharnais is out and that Lars Eller is playing with Max Pacioretty is like going to your garage to get in your civic and finding a Ferrari there instead.
  • Do you think George Parros’ moustache is conscious?

  • Bournival-Briere-Bourque must have some people who don’t know who Rene Bourque is pretty happy.

  • Max Pacioretty’s shot went mach 2

  • In Brodeur's defense the cataracts couldn't have helped with that shot.
  • I haven't eaten Brendan Gallagher's burger but I can imagine it tastes just like plays: Like sandpaper.
  • Gionta gets a free pass to noogie his younger brother all game. It's a rule look it up.
  • Jagr had his way with the Canadiens and left because he had an early meeting.
  • The scales were pretty balanced for the 1st period which is odd considering Brodeur weighs 300 pounds.
  • You all have the pleasure of reading this without a 17 minute intermission.
  • The Devils' second goal comes a point where I begin wondering if having a powerplay gives the team with said powerplay an advantage.
  • The Devils are now up 3-1 and I'm wondering how the Canadiens beat the Blackhawks.
  • The Habs are a maddening Hockey team. They'll probably win this game.
  • I'm convinced an alien is living inside Martin Brodeur operating a series of complicated controls from inside him brain. Like that old guy from Men In Black.
  • Carey Price destroys Michael Ryder with goaltending.
  • Brendan Gallagher scores! Wait, did he? Yes. But we're waiting anyways.
  • NHL officiating is worse than farting in an elevator when you're alone and then someone comes in that elevator.
  • Brodeur is so cocky with the puck. Surprised he hasn't been burned more and then forced out of the league due to a terrible GAA.
  • I haven't seen reffing this terrible since last night when several NHL games were played.
  • I whited out due to rage for about 5 minutes there. Hope I didn't miss anything good.
  • It turns out that furiously typing isn't a fantastic frustration outlet.
  • I want to slap Therrien in face and yell "Stop putting Bourque on the powerplay" like in the movies.
  • 20 minutes of Devils Hockey left this season.
  • 10 minutes of Devils Hockey left this season
  • What's really strange is that Rene Bourque was voted "Most likely to make Montreal Canadiens fans wish he was never born" in high school.
  • Dear Diary, today I met a pretty girl....wait...wrong thread.
  • If I have a nickel for every time the Habs passed instead of shot tonight I would have 3 nickels that I now want to throw in your face.
  • I wonder if the puck official keeps pucks in his freezer at home because he'd feel weird if he didn't.
  • We're done in Montreal. the Habs lose 4-1 to the Devils but we all win because we don't have to watch the Devils anymore until October.
  • This edition was brought to you by HabsLaughs: Think outside the bun.

The Highlights -

Jaromir Jagr scores to pass Mark Messier and reach 7th on all time goals list:

Max Pacioretty scores a goal to get our hopes up:

Carey Price proves why he should probably win the Vezina/Hart this season:

Gallagher's disallowed goal:

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