Is Pacioretty the 50 goal scorer?

I am the very long term supporter of this team The Montreal Canadiens and it is a long time I am waiting to see it carry that Stanley Cup again. But even more longer than this-- it is the last Habitant player to score 50+ goal in 1 season. Why is it nobody remember who that is?

Can you believe that has not happen since 1989-90 season... almost 20 years. And can you remember which is this player, the last one of Canadiens to score 50 goals? Of course it is the Stephane Richer. For some young people don't know who it is, the Richer is one very big slapshot. With this skill he score 50 and 51 goal season before he fade away slowly because his personal feeling on it. Canadiens fans miss this kind of exciting player for the goals.

Now it is more than 20 years that Canadiens do not have 50 or even the 45 goal player. It is from players like Brian Bellows and the Vincent Damphousse its get maximum of 40 goals. This is the very depressing idea for any Habs supporter who wish to see the big scoring show.

Now maybe it is a new one. In the start of his professional career after he go to the university, Max Pacioretty is very much of a slow starter. But after that 2010-11 season he change into this confident and powerful forward goal scorer. Since this time he is scoring average of 1 goal every 3 games. For this season he is pacing for the 40 goal if its not his injury. Is it possible he will improve and become into a 50 goal scorer?

Of course this player is very fast and he have the accurate whip shot. Because he has the big tall shoulder frame he has the capability to maneuver his position. He like to receive the puck and he is enjoy for receiving the pass from David Desharnais and the P.K. But with many respect to David Desharnais, if Canadiens make a trade for a even better center maybe a better chance for that 50 goals, but maybe not. Desharnais and Pacioretty have the chemistry. The trouble with that Desharnais he is small and this make less space for big plays, and this put more enemy attention on Pacioretty. As Desharnais help Pacioretty, he also hold him back. Is this even possible? I am not always good on the logic but I know Pacioretty with a big talented center is the ideal situation for everything but this is not so easy a thing to find.

Pacioretty have only 25 years old and he will very likely progress a little bit further. It is a realistic thing to predict for Pacioretty will have several 30-40 goal season in the NHL. When he is at maximum performance value it is my belief that Max Pacioretty is a maximum 40 goal 80 point player.

This is of course a very good thing and it is not my wish to have my words make abuse on Pacioretty. He is excellent player and perhaps he is destined to be that very next Canadiens 40 goal scorer. But I think the Habs fans must continue to wait for that next 50 goal player.

Galchenyuk? ;)

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