Leafs out of the playoffs as of today.

Anyone who has been reading on here, in the comments section particularly, will have seen that AB and company have been ragging on the leafs like good habs fans. Particularly noting how their bad possession is going to result in them missing the playoffs despite their torrid pace out of the gates.

They collected a whopping 20 points out of their first 28 possible points (month of October).

Since then, the wheels fell off. Going 11 out of 26 in November, not registering a single road win for the month. 14 for 28 in December and are so far in January are 2 for 8 and have been outscored by 12 goals losing in 3 blowouts against metropolitan teams, the consistently bad islanders, and the middling rangers and hurricanes, both teams directly competing for the same playoff spot as Toronto.

Now alarm bells have been ringing here about our terrible possession stats that could lead to a similar collapse, I mean Fenwick close, Toronto is 29th in the league, ahead of only Buffalo. In overall Fenwick they are league worst at 42.4%.

Montreal hasn't had the same collapse yet despite bad underlying stats, likely due to having 2 players who are top 5 in the world for their position (PK and Price).

Montreal has a worrisome overall Fenwick of 48.3%, tied for 21st. This is padded by a couple of points because the habs have been blocking so many shots this year. If we look at Fenwick close it is pretty much exactly the same story, in fact, other than our Fenwick leading, all possession stats tell the same story, a bottom third team.

Even though Montreal has turned into a bottom third possession team, they still rank 9th in the east and have 9 points on Ottawa who is ranked 8th and only 0.8% better in 5 on 5 Fenwick. Alarm bells should be sounded, and anyone who has given the team the eye test can see the reason they are falling behind in possession metrics is because of the dump and chase tactic being used, and when they have the lead they let off the gas, they may even pull the emergency brake at times just to give the other team a chance to catch up. These are not player issues, but coaching issues, stemming from a coach who thinks he has a grinding team.

Our possession is bad right now, but not so bad that we should have a Torontonian collapse.

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