How does P.K. Subban compare to other Team Canada defense hopefuls?

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The constant discussion going on about Subban making Team Canada has flared up again after Bob McKenzie stated that Team Canada is still not sold on P.K. Subban. So let's compare Subban to his Olympic competitors.

Comparing people on different teams can be difficult, especially with the team effects on possession. To combat this, it's best to use relative statistics, which show how much better each player's team is while the player in question is on the ice.Because we're early in the season, we'll use the biggest sample size we have for possession, which is Corsi. We'll also use Goals for percentage on a relative scale to show specifically how these defensemen impact team scoring at even strength, along with offensive zone start percentage to signify the type of role they play. Alongside these even strength statistics, we'll add in traditional statistics from all situations like points and shots on goal. So how does Subban stack up?

All statistics are from and

Player TOI/G Goals Assists Points Shots Rel Goals for % Rel Corsi % OZS %
P.K. Subban 24:49 4 20 24 88 +14.0 +9.4 48.1
Duncan Keith 24:07 1 23 24 77 +4.2 +2.6 57.0
Drew Doughty 25:41 5 9 14 72 -1.4 +1.1 50.9
Shea Weber 26:09 7 5 12 55 -3.5 0 43.0
Alex Pietrangelo 25:35 4 14 18 53 +6.3 +2.6 52.2
Jay Bouwmeester 24:18 1 18 19 54 +8.9 +1.2 53.4
Marc-Edouard Vlasic 21:01 3 9 12 39 -0.3 +4.4 45.3
Dan Hamhuis 22:31 4 3 7 53 +6.1 +1.7 49.1
Dan Boyle 20:59 5 5 10 51 -10.5 +4.1 52.0
Kris Letang 24:29 5 5 10 55 -16.9 +3.5 51.0
Brent Seabrook 21:56 1 15 16 55 +6.3 +3.0 56.9
Marc Staal 20:06 2 1 3 30 -3.6 +4.5 49.1

The reigning Norris Trophy winner is at it again, literally blowing the competition to smithereens. He's producing the best possession numbers, he's effecting his team more positively on the scoreboard than any other defenseman, he's producing points at the highest rate (tied with Keith), and he's doing it in the third toughest minutes in this group of excellent defensemen (and Staal).

Subban is so risky that he's better than all his peers. Your move, Hockey Canada.

Any questions?

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