#HabsTwitterDraft social media recap & interviews

Mike McCarron was proudly drafted by Team Parnass - Bruce Bennett

The inaugural Habs Twitter Draft is now complete, and we now take a look at some of the reactions and buzz it created around the Twitterverse.

After a successful draft, both Andrew Berkshire and Arik Parnass have put the finishing touches on their respective teams in the first ever #HabsTwitterDraft .

The star-studded teams can be found here, and you can vote on who drafted the best team here.

Twitter recap:

Team Parnass

Third round pick & managing editor of LNH.com, Arpon Basu, was quick to impress:

As was Hamilton Bulldogs play-by-play announcer Derek Wills, who was eager to pose for the cameras:

Arik completed the 'Hamilton Sweep' (not to be mistaken with the sex position that goes by the same name) by picking Bulldogs specialist Dan Kramer:

Habs reporter Eric Engels didn't quite know what he was chosen for, but like any good teammate he was eager to help his team. If he was Ryan White he would have jumped an opposing draftee immediately:

Of course, there was only one possible destination for Engels, as he and managing editor of the site Andrew Berkshire are mortal enemies:

J-F Chaumont appreciated the pick, and endorsed the project:

Dave Stubbs on the other hand wasn't too worried about sliding in the draft, and will do his best to avoid falling into Angelo Esposito territory.

Twitter star Chantal was quick to notice she had made history:

Despite having picked a star-studded lineup, Arik managed to get a local recording star on board:

Team Berkshire

Andrew concentrated on radio hosts, and managed to nab one of the best in the business. In fact, this particular radio host works with Tony Marinaro, so he gets bonus points for having to endure him on a daily basis:

That's two Angelo Esposito references so far. Which is more than the total games he played in the NHL, and one more than the number of goals he managed in the Italian Hockey League last year.

Andrew continued his solid draft by picking one of the most knowledgeable Habs bloggers out there:

However, not all of his draft picks were happy about the team:

Apparently Doug went to the Brian Burke school of public relations.

The good news is, Andrew drafted plenty of team players that should make up for Doug's lack of faith:

Unfortunately for Team Berkshire, Andrew did happen to draft Keith Tkachuk on steroids:

End result:

We managed, with the help of all our great friends of the site, to get #HabsTwitterDraft trending in Canada, and several places worldwide:

We thank everyone that participated by using the #HabsTwitterDraft hashtag. Without the help of our twitter fans we couldn't have made this happen.

Keep an eye open for our second #HabsTwitterDraft. The inaugural experience was a fantastic project, and we can't wait to do it again.

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