Habs Twitter Draft: Pre-Draft Rankings

I am the insiderrrrr

Well folks, it's that time of year again; when we all gather around the fire and participate in the first annual Habs Twitter Draft!

Mastermind Arik assigned me the daunting task of creating a mock draft for the #habstwitterdraft. I had a problem with that, as illustrated below:

Arik: I want you to create a mock draft for the #habstwitterdraft

Me: Ok but wouldn't I just be picking your teams for you?

Arik: I thought of that, maybe do something else.

Me: Alright, cool.

Arik: You are really smart and handsome.

Me: I know.

That went on for a good 45 minutes.

The outcome was that I would do a Pre-Draft Ranking for all of the categories required in the #habstwitterdraft.

It is definitely not a mock draft.

I am definitely not picking their teams for them.

Enjoy these rankings, with some tweets and in depth hard hitting analysis.

Remember, these are my views, if you don't like them I have others.

Current Canadiens Players

The thing about the Habs tweeting is that they're pretty on par with the rest of the athlete twitter world. There are some gems out there but a lot of it is RTs of people asking them to RT stuff (birthdays, charities, sex requests etc.)

1. George Parros

Parros gets number 1 for his bio alone: On-ice assailant, power play specialist, minister of moustachery. (The joke is that he isn't a power play specialist, get it?).

He ate an entire cow whole.


Never sleeping again

2. Alex Galchenyuk

If Galchenyuk scores as much as he tweets things a 19 year old would tweet then we're in for a great season.


I still haven't seen it

3. P.K. Subban

PK's twitter account is a combination of pictures of him working out, #ALWAYSON hashtags and himself trying to be Hulk Hogan in the 80s.


Whatcha gonna do when Subbamania runs wild on you, brother?

Crotch shot!

4. Brandon Prust

Nothing flashy, reliable, always leaves you satisfied. (Am I describing his twitter feed or my sex life? If it's the latter you can throw in "godly")



Nice dude!

Honorable Mentions:

Josh Gorges: He has some pretty good tweets, look it up, I'm not doing everything for you.
Brendan Gallagher: He's real cute and is a Canadiens player on twitter.

Members of the English Montreal media

There are a lot of these guys/girls out there, and a lot of them are fantastic. I would include all of you but there are strict rules that I need to adhere to, I can't just pick and choose when to apply the rules what do you think I am an NHL ref? (HEYO!)

Note: After I typed (HEYO!) I went on a 3 hour walk through the wilderness. I did a lot of thinking and soul-searching and decided to included everyone who is a member of the media who you wouldn't consider a "blogger." That's print/internet print/radio/TV etc. Here's a top 10. All of this is strictly related to their twitter presence and has nothing to do with their work outside the twitter realm. If you're not following this list then there's something wrong with your brain.

I feel like this is going to get me a lot of hate, if anyone hates this I totally didn't write it.

Felt weird doing this because I really like a lot of these people.

1. Arpon Basu

Arpon is the managing editor for LNH.com, though his tweets are mostly in English. He engages in discussion, posts news, is active and isn't afraid to share his opinion.

2. Eric Engels

Engels is one of if not my favourite read/feeds on twitter. He's witty and brings something different than just reporting on the Canadiens. He's also really active and engages with his followers which is something you like to see.

3. John Lu

If you want straight up reporting, John Lu is your man. He's at pretty much every Habs related event and will be one of the first to tweet lineups/news etc.




I'm still looking.

4. Dave Stubbs

Stubbs is a romantic. Every tweet is a feature and he does it well, giving you information from an angle that few are able to get it from.

Anyone else scared that this thing is going to implode the entire downtown core?

Random song.

Stubbs may have the ability to morph into a fly on the wall.

5. Conor McKenna

Conor is surging into the Montreal sports media scene and we couldn't be happier about that. Perfect combination of snark, knowledge and "down to earth-ness." He might own the best dog in the world.

Felger was unavailable for comment

A bad one

-Ned Flanders

Great tweet

Best dog ever

6. Mitch Melnick

Melnick's tweets are short and sweet, he carries over his radio work to the twitter world and it's pretty entertaining.

Zuckerberg also dropped out of Harvard

That's bad

It takes balls to boss the godfather around

7. Ted Bird

Ted's feed is great, to say the least. He's sarcastic (in a good way) and hilarious.

Lofty goals

8. Brian Wilde

The best thing about Wilde's twitter presence is that he debates, a lot, with his followers. Hard to find a member of the MSM who engages as much as him.


9. Heather Engel

Heather is very underrated. She seems to have access to every event and is not shy to tweet quotes and news that others miss. She also provides some great commentary to the news which is nice.

Hal Gill is a large individual

Why does Uniprix need a mascot? What's Uniprix?

That's a lot folks

Wouldn't have known that otherwise

Drafts....are those ever useless.

He was later donated to the HHoF

10. Tony Marinaro

Tony is Tony on twitter as is he on the radio, embracing his persona to the letter.

There are a few more that go on like that.

Bonus Addition: Mike Boone

Mike flew under the radar because he "retired" not too long ago. I'm adding him to the list because his tweets are classic.

In the UK it's called the Mexican Wave for some reason

But MOST likely Stanley Cup winners.

And it tastes gooooood

Made me laugh

Members of the French Montreal media

Il ya beaucoup de ces gars / filles là-bas, et beaucoup d'entre eux sont fantastiques. J'inclurais vous tous, mais il ya des règles strictes que je dois respecter, je ne peux pas choisir quand appliquer les règles qu'est-ce que vous pensez que je suis un arbitre LNH? (HEYO!)

Note: Après avoir tapé (HEYO!) Je suis allé sur une promenade de 3 heures à travers le désert. J'ai fait beaucoup de réflexion et d'introspection et a décidé d'inclure tout le monde qui est un membre des médias qui vous ne seriez pas envisager un "blogueur". C'est print / internet print / radio / télévision, etc Voici un top 5. Tout cela est strictement liée à leur présence sur twitter et n'a rien à voir avec leur travail en dehors de la sphère twitter. Si vous ne suivez pas cette liste alors il ya quelque chose de mal avec votre cerveau.

J'ai l'impression que cela va me faire beaucoup de haine, si quelqu'un déteste cela, je n'ai absolument pas l'écrire.

C'était bizarre de faire cela parce que je l'aime vraiment beaucoup de ces personnes.

1. Marc-Antoine Godin

Marc-Antoine is a beat writer for La Presse and the best account in terms of French Media out there. He's always quick to report news and opinions as well as interact with his followers. Like the majority of the fanbase his tweets are "70% French and 30% English"

It was a longue night for him indeed

Love the Franglais



2. Renaud Lavoie

Lavoie left RDS for TVA Sports, for some reason ($), so he will undoubtedly be the go to guy if and when the Nordiques come back. Why is he this high on the list? (Nordiques suck)

One of the only people who does this.

Atta be Lars

We already have one injury prone over the hill French Canadian thank you very much

A lot of his French tweets are followed up by English ones, which is cool of him.

3. Guillaume LeFrancois

Hell of a last name eh? Bad. Ass. Sounds like a Bond villain. Guillaume is a high quality follow and should be on your list if he isn't already on it.

Great quote

Bournival, so hot right now

What a tweet


4. JF Chaumont

JF writes for the Journal and is a noted and respected member of the beat scene.

This is why you follow JF.


5. Richard Labbe

Rounding out the top 5 is Richard Labbe who is a write for La Presse. Give him a look.

Because they're bad


Hamilton Bulldogs media member

This is tricky because frankly I don't know many of them. Our number 1 is the clear cut number 1 authority on the Bulldogs within the media realm.

1. Derek Wills

Derek is the PBP announcer for the Bulldogs so you can pretty much get most if not all of your Bulldogs info from him when the media is concerned. Whoever drafts him will have Bulldogs advantage.

He live tweets the Bulldogs scrimmage games.

The hardest battle is the battle for a job. I had to kill 3 people to get mine.

Akim Aliu forces a turnover in New Zealand

Remember your roots.

I guess he knows Mayer a lot better than we do

2. Um, Wills again?

Non-EOTP bloggers

Contrary to popular belief, there are other Habs sites out there, and there are several other bloggers who write for those sites.

Here's my top 6, though I could have made a top 26.

1. Dan Kramer

Dan writes for All-Habs and is a contstant flow of information, opinion and analysis on both the Habs and Bulldogs. (He likes the Bulldogs too much, IMO)


Is it a shame?

Yes we can


I think it was Darnell

2. James Stephan

James writes for The Hockey Guys. James is a good writer for The Hockey Guys. James has a good twitter account.

Is only game!

If we were talking about music the hit machine would be Michael Jackson


I think the Habs scored just before he tweeted this.

3. Habsgirl4life

She's a free agent (hint hint, Andrew) and a great follow. See examples below:

Because goals were scored in that game, you had no clue.

Chantal always tweets quotes from players, coaches etc. Good stuff


Khudobin a V8. Wait...nevermind.

4. Habitherway

Erica has been part of the Habs blogging world forever. She's self employed, or at least that's what her bio says. Give Rookie a follow if you're not already doing so.

So am I

Great call

Quality tweet right there

Solid plan right there


5. HabsFuture

Everything you need to know about Habs prospects ever forever and for all time. He makes us feel good when Habs prospects do well.

Links to local articles about prospects that you would have otherwise never been aware of.

Silky mitts bro

Both cut

6. Avi Goldberg

Goldberg is a genius. He's a professor, a great writer and a genius. Have I mentioned he's a genius? Yes I did, 2 times, that's the joke.



Diaz sucked that night

The kid flunked out

Canadiens prospects

Teenagers with a ton of money and all the attention that comes with being a Habs prospect. What could go wrong?

1. Mike McCarron

He's huge.

That's here.

Wild, man

Still haven't seen it

2. Zach Fucale

He really loves the Habs. Like, really, really loves the Habs

3. Jacob de la Rose

Looks at the tweets below and tell me they're not awesome

4. Nathan Beaulieu

The classic prospect twitter account

Accounts with less than 300 followers

This is a fantastic category as it gives us true potential to find a diamond in the rough. Here we go:

[Editor's note: None of these guys may be eligible after all the follows they pick up in the next 24 hours]

1. Ian Hermelin

Ian is a great follow, it's a shame he has so little followers. His interview pieces are really great.


Also true

Oh what Khudobin

2. Habitted

He only has 60 followers, which is kind of insane seeing as he's a good follow. He's from the Netherlands too (expat), which is exotic.

Oh my

This was really cool

He knows where to go

3. Corey Collard

Corey is part of the MTL Hockey Talk crew (who will be featured here a little later on) and is as knowledgeable about hockey as anyone who is really knowledgeable about hockey.

I'm assuming the tech guy actually got fired.

My sarcasm meter blew up

It's because they're smart

4. Habsanalysis

Scott is very active and engaging on the twitter. He also has season tickets so he's at every game, literally. Check him out, he won't be under 300 for long.

For now.

It was not not not not not a good move to sign Lecavalier

This also angers me

5. Canadiens UK Fans

Much love to our friends across the pond. Pip pip! Fancy a Ruby after the match? Cor.

Imagine all of these tweets in an English accent.


Yeah, why?

That would be nice.

Other accounts that can be associated with the Canadiens in any way

They have to draft 8 of these accounts, each, so obviously there are a lot of you. Here is my top 8.Sorry if I left you out, there are a lot of you and you're all top 8 in my heart.

1. Jay Baruchel

My favorite celebrity Habs fan. He tweets about the Habs from his main account and his sports one. Must follows. He's filthy and hilarious and loves the Habs.

He too likes that Gomez is no longer a Hab

He is quite large


And good, real good


2. HeyMyNameIsWill

Will is a must follow. He's hilarious. He's hilarious you guys.

And I mean A LOT of fun!

I feel like they were going for Jason but the Mom was high on the epidural.

They called him David!


They don't count

3. DrDougBoston

Don't let the handle fool you, he's not a Bruins fan, he just lives in Boston. A MUST follow. He's also a Dr. so in addition to his Habs commentary he also weighs in on injuries which is awesome.

Oh so good.

That almost happened


4. Winter Lions

High quality twitter.

Have to admire that skill

I laughed

5. Rick1042

Rick is plugged in. He does scouting, analysis and one time ate 47 hot dogs in one sitting (maybe)

Being huge is a qualification that is necessary if you want to play for Brian Burke


Ugh, work

The Bell Centre

6. MTL Hockey Talk Crew

There are a lot of these guys and they do great work. I am collectively putting them as one entry because they're a stable and they stick together.

Notable members are: Nick Murdocco, Gary Whitaker, Rob Elbaz, Corey Collard, Coach K, Steve Hindle, Joey Elias, Ted Bird, Alex Rabbat, Annakin Slayd, Jay Farrar, and many more.

How embarrassing

7. Habslinks

Every link that has to do with the Habs ever.


You get the idea

8. The Habituals

One of my favourite follows. He's smart, funny and kind of jaded.

Do we have to?

Tough call

Reasonable request

So there we go. A definitive pre-draft ranking for the Habs Twitter Draft. Remember to let us know why you deserve to be drafted with one of the final 2 picks for each team using the hashtag. Hope you enjoyed, Go Habs Go.

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