Nathan Beaulieu guilty, but does it matter? (and other links)

Richard Wolowicz

Your links for a Sunday afternoon.

A lot has been made of Nathan Beaulieu and his father pleading guilty to assault, and you can read the story of what went down here. Something sounds a little off in that retelling, as I really can't imagine that being the whole truth of the matter, but it's not like they didn't assault anyone, they pled guilty. This has led to a lot of speculation that that Beaulieu could be on his way out of town, but that really makes no sense.

Yes, we know that Marc Bergevin is obsessed with character to the point where it's annoying to even hear the word anymore, but he's also not an idiot and is unlikely to trade a key prospect and their lowest point of value. Beaulieu was the MVP of the Hamilton Bulldogs last season, looked better than every other defensive call up while in the NHL, and he was given a real number by management during the summer camp, abandoning 40 for number 6. The Canadiens rarely give a number like that to a prospect, a number last worn by veteran Jaroslav Spacek, but made famous by Canadiens legend Toe Blake. The Canadiens have big plans for Beaulieu, and they don't include a trade.

Habs Links

Maxim Lapierre begged the Habs to sign him. [Pro Hockey Talk]

Chris Boucher comments on how insane it is that Jeff Halpern is still unsigned. [Boucher Scouting]

Boucher contrasts puck battles with obstruction penalties. [Boucher Scouting]

Get to know new Bulldogs center Martin St. Pierre. [Bulldogs]

Ben Prentiss trains Max Pacioretty and other NHLers, to a lot of success. [New Canaan News]

Therrien is confident that Carey Price and David Desharnais will have bounce back seasons. [TSN]

Puck Daddy's League of Nations for the Montreal Canadiens. [Puck Daddy]

Around SB Nation

A great series on getting to know the new CBA [Winging it in Motown]

Todd Little examines whether the NHL is thinking expansion a bit too soon. [Litter Box Cats]

The Sens are still talking about Alfie, they're even pretending it was smart now. [Silver Seven]

The Hurricanes have some depth issues. [Canes Country]

An introduction the Blue Jackets for the Eastern Conference. [The Cannon]

A few messages for the new owners of the Devils. [In Lou We Trust]

The latest from PGI, which should be enough to make you click. [Lighthouse Hockey]

A sad story as Ian Laperriere's concussion symptoms have returned. [Broad Street Hockey]

Derek Zona examines the obsession with power forwards. [Copper & Blue]

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