Canadiens at Maple Leafs - Game Recap - That really sucked a lot

Getting scored on by Shrek is never a good thing. - Claus Andersen

I don't really feel like writing a recap about last night, because there isn't much to recap that's worth recapping. So instead I'm going to steal an idea from Scott Matla and recap the game in gifs.

Last night HNiC kept talking about how the Canadiens and Maple Leafs were definitely going to meet in the playoffs, and most us Habs fans were thinking:


Then Francis Bouillon high sticked Nazem Kadri instead of playing defense and took a penalty, and Tyler Bozak instantly put the Leafs up 1-0.


Then Brandon Prust figured it was time to rally the troops, who were outplaying the Leafs at the time, by doing something about as effective as this:


Then while Prust was in the box for fighting, Carey Price let in the softie of all softies on a Leo Komarov shot from a sharp angle.


Then the ACC tried to taunt Carey Price, but it was a really sad, pathetic, disjointed attempt that didn't even last 10 seconds.


Soon after the crappy taunt ended, Bozak took a dumb penalty and the vaunted Habs PP got to go to work, and we were thinking it was time for the real game to start.


But the Leafs killed it off, and as the PP ended Jay McClement put another softie past Price to make it 3-0...


The Leafs had scored 3 goals on 4 shots on Carey Price, and Peter Budaj was getting ready to come into the game.


No, seriously. That actually happened.


Then, not even 3 minutes later, Davis Drewiske scored his first as a Canadien, and the comeback was definitely on.


The Habs were playing so well, they only allowed one single shot against since Price was pulled midway through the period.


But it got past Budaj to make it 4-1, giving the Leafs an 80% shooting percentage in the first period.


Then to end the period Nazem Kadri jumped and laid a flying elbow on Brendan Gallagher, then ran away when Gallagher offered to drop the gloves. But Leafs fans insisted there was nothing wrong with that. Yet they still complain about James Reimer concussing himself by being in Brian Gionta's way two years ago.


It was around this time that Laura texted me from an event she was at with her sister to ask what the score was. She didn't hear what she was expecting.


Then to end any semblance of a comeback attempt by the Habs, Phil Kessel converted on an odd man rush early in the second to make it 5-1 Leafs.

Some fans reacted like this:


But Habs fans in Toronto were more like this:


Meanwhile Leafs fans were pretty happy...


But they were actually pretty nice when they popped in, so we didn't have to do this:


Then we checked the scores and saw that Boston lost too, so Montreal is still 1st in the Northeast, so it was hard to dwell too much on the loss.


Although if Leafs fans troll a bunch today, we'll probably still say


Check out Pension Plan Puppets for some gloat-tastic game recapping.

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