If the 2013 Habs were X-Men

Montreal Gazette

Over the course of this season we've had several small discussions on what fictional X-Men characters our beloved Habs would be. So instead of paying attention in Sociology I created this small compilation for fun...feel free to add anything I may have missed!

Max Pacioretty - Wolverine: This one was probably the easiest one to pick due to Max's ridiculous healing factor after being mugged by Chara, having an emergency appendectomy, and then getting cut across the ribs by a skate blade.

P.K. Subban - Beast: Both are highly intelligent and highly skilled in their respective fields yet are hated and shunned by people due to being slightly different than others.

Andrei Markov - Professor Charles Xavier: Both are brilliant minds even if they are not as capable as they once were. Not saying Markov is a paraplegic but with his knees its a constant fear for Habs fans that he'll be injured yet again, even with this fear he still showcases a ridiculous on ice IQ that helps to lead the Habs much like Xavier leads the X-Men

Ryan White - Gambit: Hot headed and often a bit of a rogue on the ice Ryan White is a perfect fit to match with Gambit. Both often let their emotions dictate their actions despite the best of intentions and it can sometimes create bad situations for all involved.

Brian Gionta - Cyclops: The leader on ice for the Habs and the leader in the field for the X-Men its nearly a perfect match.

Alexei Emelin - Colossus: Big Russian smashing machines...nuff said

Brendan Gallagher - Storm: Because he provides a spark!(Rim shot) get it? because its lightning and never mind

Alex Galchenyuk - Iceman: Calm cool and collected(pun intended) as a rookie perfectly matches the powers Iceman brings to the table for the X-Men

Now everyone knows the X-Men have villains right? Well no need to fear I have that taken care of as well!

Milan Lucic - Juggernaut: Big goonish and usually confused by simple acts of intelligence makes Lucic the perfect candidate to be Juggernaut. When hes rampaging stay out of his way or you'll probably get hurt but if you can out smart him which isn't hard you'll be all right

Mikhail Grabovski - Sabretooth: Now Wolverines biggest rival shares a lot of similar traits to our hero however that isn't why Grabbo gets this role...anyone who watched the 6-0 loss to the Leafs knows why he deserves this.

Brad Marchand - Toad: Giant pain in the ass villain named after a pest who is only useful when backed up by larger allies...perfect match i'd say

Zdeno Chara - Magneto: Head of the X-Men/Habs biggest rival and possibly the only one who is able to stop Wolverine for any amount of time

Claude Julien - The Blob-Why? Cause they both serve little to no purpose other than taking up space and being annoying

Now theres always a few people who are left out but fear not...there are other roles for our beloved Habs

Colby Armstrong - Spiderman: Wise cracking and always there to lighten mood in the room

Lars Eller - Thor: Big blonde and from Scandinavia....its too good to not make this comparison

Brandon Prust/Josh Gorges - Iron Man: In name only...both guys go out every night and lay their bodies on the line for the team.

Carey Price - The Hulk: When he is calm and collected Price is a fantastic player yet if you make him mad and challenge him he becomes a whole new monster and will shut people down.

(You can stop humming the X-Men TV theme song now)

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