Game Recap: Habs vs with 150% more gifs!


Now here at EOTP Andrew and Co. have game recaps in both English and French(And you should read them both because it's the best way to avoid moral bankruptcy). However anyone who frequents the game threads knows I enjoy posting gifs and funny pictures to get my point across. So I've laid out a challenge for myself...recap last nights brilliant comeback against the Bruins in nothing but gifs and pictures. This is my best attempt at doing so...enjoy!

1st Period

Fast start for the Habs who were peppering Rask with shots and it looks a bit like this


Then the newly named Mr. Dangerous(Thanks Jack Edwards!) Tomas Plekanec dished to the surging Michael Ryder who put away a goal against his former club


Tuuka seems sad bro.

Andrei Markov seemed to unleash his inner goon last night and attempted to make David Krejci eat a fist or twelve

However Travis Moen(who I'm told does in fact actually play hockey still) took matters into his own hands and dropped the gloves with Gregory Campbell

Below is an accurate representation of the fight


Not much else to report after that sadly

Second period....Oh how I loathe the second period


However PK Subban and Alex Galchenyuk made it super awesome with some slick passing and a slap shot that may as well have been a homing missile for the back of the Bruins nets


However in a scramble Dougie Hamilton would manage to pick up a goal for the Bruins right after


Then PK made my jaw(and i'm sure everyone elses) drop to the floor with a move that is borderline Datsyukian


However the rest of the 2nd period can only be described as such...


Giving up goals to Brad Marchand


Then Patrice Bergeron....


And to cap it all off...Nathan Horton


So naturally going into the 3rd Habs fans were despondent that Jesus Price had been crucified by the poor play of our D

But alas the Hockey Bible had a passage for this

"And lo to begin the Third Period St. Peter shall come and rescue Les Glorieux from the evil of the Wicked TD Garden"-Ribinsoin 6:5

And there he was St Peter de Tricolore


Knight Ryder would strike again less than 4 minutes in to bring the Habs within 1 goal and everyone was like


However dudebro Tyler Seguin would put the Bruins up by 2 goals again and everyone was all like


However the Habs would not die...led by Calder candidate Brendan(not Brandon you NBC twits) The Habs would claw back into it

According to the Bruins fans we had help from the refs and a few others apparently

Accurate representation of supposed help pictured below


Then Bruin Aaron Johnson took a delay of game penalty with less than 2 minutes left in the game...the stage was set and Le General Andrei Markov stepped up and knocked in the tying goal off Zdeno Chara's stick with 8.2 seconds remaining


Overtime was calling and naturally the Habs made it even more stressful when Alexei Emelin took a hooking penalty


It was on to the shootout and every Habs fan loves the shootout right!.....right?

5 rounds came and went without much ado...St Peter denied the Bruins like they were atheist heathens at heavens gate and it came to the Little Ball of Hab...Brendan Gallagher



Habs fans were like:


Tuuka Rask was mad bro


So was Claude Julien


Marchand and the Bruins played Wheel of Excuses afterwards


But Bryz has a message for them


Oh....then the Bruins got trolled by apparent Idiot Savant Jay Feaster and lost out on Jarome Iginla


So ends my game recap of last nights Habs vs Bruins...hopefully the gifs and images show up and work otherwise this kinda backfires!

And as always


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