Canadiens at Penguins - Top Six Minutes - Regression is getting tiresome

Budaj paying a lot of attention to the game. - Justin K. Aller

The hope was that it would happen over a drawn out period, but regression has hit the Canadiens like a ton of bricks in the last 8 days.

  • Michel Therrien's return to Pittsburgh was well coached, and he deserved to win, but he's leaving disappointed.
  • The Montreal Canadiens once again completely outplayed their competition and lost. 3 times in the last 4 games.
  • The Penguins are one of the best teams in the NHL, an elite team by basically every definition, but they sure didn't look it tonight. Outside of a play by Sidney Crosby that is going to happen once in awhile because he's Crosby, the Penguins struggled to do much of anything of significance.
  • Ironically, Crosby had a horrendous game. -9 on Fenwick, -11 on Corsi, 42% on faceoffs.
  • I called on twitter before the game that the Canadiens would end the Penguins' win streak. Oops.
  • That said, they deserved to win this game. Play this exact game over again 50 times, the Canadiens probably win 40-45 times.
  • In the last two games, the Canadiens have 1 goal on 76 shots. Huh... [stick tap to alex_icon]
  • The Bouillon on the PP thing worries me. Not just because he's horrible on the PP, but because he's worse there than several players who could be playing there. I would rather go high risk and put a forward there.
  • The Bouillon on the PP thing worries me because it hasn't been working for 32 straight games, and hasn't been adjusted. I know people think other players will get more ice than him next year if they deserve it, but it's very difficult to look at that situation and ignore the fact that he and Therrien are good friends. I don't like the dynamic, and I hate that he was signed for another year.
  • Process over result. The Canadiens happen to laughably be playing their best hockey of the year over a period where they can't get any puck luck at all.
  • The Habs dummying a team like Pittsburgh in possession is an excellent sign, so let's try not to be too angry about this.
  • Screw that, it's 2 losses in a row after 1 in 18. Let's burn some stuff.

EOTP Two Stars:

  1. Dr. Horrible responding to me calling out TSN for saying Letang shoots to score, something the Canadiens don't do: "No, he's right. We don't see Letang trying to score for the Canadiens."
  2. Scott Matla on who Penguins fans should blame for Fleury being hurt: Bguvd2vcmaa555d_medium

The rest of the most rec'd comments were by me, and I'm not posting my own comments as good comments in a thread I write. That's like sniffing your own farts. If you guys want the three stars to continue, you're going to have to rec more often.

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