The Canadiens Defense Corps in 2 years

I would like to get some opinions on our defensive depth and where you would rank our current young defensemen or where you think they will be in the next 2 years.

Here is a list of our defense:

1. Nathan Beaulieu CHL 8.0 C
2. Jarred Tinordi Pro 7.5 C
3. Dalton Thrower CHL 7.0 C
4. Morgan Ellis Pro 7.0 C
5. Darren Dietz CHL 7.0 C
6. Greg Pateryn Pro 6.5 C
7. Magnus Nygren Europe 6.5 C
8. Josiah Didier NCAA 6.5 C
9. Colin Sullivan NCAA 6.5 C
10. Mac Bennett NCAA 6.5 C
11. Joe Stejskal Pro 5.5 C

You can add in guys like Frederic St.Denis, Antoine Corbin if you like.

In 2 years I would put Jarred Tinordi as a 5th/6th d-man with the big club, Nathan Beaulieu could also make the team next year but I would see him as getting some call-ups here and there but spending most of the year in Hamilton. For Morgan Ellis, I see him making the Habs roster as a 6th defensemen depending on how he develops over the summer. If Ellis has a good camp i wouldn't be surprised to see him playing in Montreal. I think Dalton Thrower will play another year in junior, and Darren Dietz will be a top 4 d-man with Hamilton. For Magnus Nygren judging from his fantastic ongoing season in the SEL I would like to see him develop in Hamilton for the next 2 years but I believe he has signed in Sweden for another year or so? regardless he looks promising so far. I don't know to much about Colin Sullivan so i think he will be playing another year in the NCAA as well as Didier. Greg Pateryn will likely fight hard for a spot with the Habs but ultimatley i see Tinordi taking that position barring any drastic moves in the summer that could open another spot. I would like to see Mac Bennett play in Hamilton as he can develop his defensive game better there then in College hockey. Joe Stejskal looks like a depth guy I believe he has decent potential to be a depth defensemen in the NHL but at this point he will likely be with Hamilton.

What do you guys think?

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