Canadiens vs Rangers - Top Six Minutes - The Greatest Dane

Richard Wolowicz

The Montreal Canadiens rebounded from a game that got away from them and a bad first period to decimate the Rangers tonight.

  • The newly formed line of Lars Eller between Alex Galchenyuk and Erik Cole is flat out amazing. They scored all three goals for the Habs tonight, and each one was more beautiful than the last.
  • The game ended just in time to switch to the Maple Leafs and Senators game and watch Toronto lose. HAHAHA
  • The hit that Max Pacioretty laid on Ryan McDonagh was a hard one, but it wasn't dirty. Pacioretty was looking to lay a licking on him after McDonagh boarded him a few shifts earlier, but HNiC showed a replay where McDonagh clearly looked at Pacioretty, then turns his back to draw a penalty. If Pacioretty is suspended, I call bullshit on Shanny.
  • That said, I feel bad for McDonagh, who was clearly hurt on the play and didn't return to the game. But that's what happens when you lay dirty hits, you get hit back.
  • Later in the game, Dan Girardi took a wicked P.K. Subban one timer to the ankle and left hobbling. That means the Canadiens injured both of the Rangers' top defensemen...
  • Speaking of Subban, he has now been involved in the last 6 straight PP goals by the Habs, 2 goals and 4 assists.
  • Even if they weren't dirty plays, Rangers fans should probably hate us. Expect some vitriol on the internets.
  • Cole is waking up, Brian Gionta is getting chances, this team has a lot of depth and it's awesome.
  • I missed Brendan Gallagher. Watching him and David Desharnais work the boards with 6'2" Pacioretty waiting in the slot made me chuckle.
  • Eller has 9 points in his last 12 games. Breakout season?
  • Carey Price got a shutout and no one really noticed. That's how good he is.
  • If Habs fans were anymore excited about the start to this season, instead of ole we'd be saying BYYYEAAAHHHH!!!

EOTP 3 Stars:

  1. punkster with a prediction that game true: "Prediction...first whistle of the first period...icing...Habs."
  2. Scott Matla with a prediction that didn't, but was funny: "Max is hurt. Two goals coming up."
  3. Scott Matla again, observing Tortorella's demeanor: Ohhemad_medium

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