Top Six Minutes - Buffalo sucks edition

Yeahhhhhhh boyyyyy! - Richard Wolowicz

Laura isn't around to do the quick recap as she's at a wedding today, so I get to do it and not be funny.

  • Before the game the talk was that the Sabres were a changed team after standing up to the Bruins on Thursday and winning big.
  • How did that work out?
  • The first period was the most dominant puck possession by a Canadiens team that isn't on a greatest games DVD.
  • David Desharnais looked like he's ready to break out.
  • A big part of that might be that Lars Eller finally looks comfortable on the wing.
  • The refs still hate P.K. Subban. He got a hooking call for a little love tap on a Buffalo breakaway.
  • Price got bored because Buffalo is terrible so when Thomas Vanek got a second breakaway he tried a poke check a little early and got beat. Oh well, shutout next time. I bet he plays tomorrow against Ottawa.
  • Alex Galchenyuk is starting to show some Kovalev like stickhandling, and man can he ever wheel! Gally to Gally is going to be here for a long time.
  • John Scott is really stupid.
  • After outshooting the Sabres 30-4 in Corsi in the first period, PJ Stock called the Habs soft.
  • PJ Stock is too dumb to be on Keeping up with the Kardashians, let alone a hockey program.
  • But they're Cage Aux Sport, so don't get too excited.
  • Price's lateral movement is unmatched.
  • Brandon Prust fed Steve Ott fists for a good 30 seconds. A really good 30 seconds.
  • The crowd cheered for a Subban shot every time he touched the puck. He hit the post in the third, then set up Desharnais' second goal with another shot later.
  • He also drew the penalty that lead to that goal. Subban is the best.
The EOTP three stars of the night:

3rd star: Jason_M's response to my question of who's the next whipping boy drew some applause:


2nd star: Jason_M appears again with his response to Lars Eller's great game brought back a meme from last season:


1st star: Courtnall's response to JD_'s comment here was pure gold.

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