Canadiens vs Hurricanes Top Six Minutes: Worst Collapse in 2013.

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Well that was brutal.

  • I noticed to start today that both Briere and Murray would be scratched tonight and took this is a positive sign. Well fuck all kinds of duck on that idea.
  • Kirk Muller's tie came from the "Just take it pile" at a yard sale.
  • Habs scored in the 1st period, twice no less! This is not a drill.
  • Officiating in Carolina is always weird, something wrong with the water there?
  • I am sure Carey's teammates want him to be on Sochi, but they shouldn't work this hard to bump his resume.
  • Plekanec is a Terminator from the future that was exclusively designed to kill penalties.
  • I think we should take time to acknowledge that someone was either salaried or on a comission to design those Carolina 3rd jerseys. I mean that was a thing that happened, someone was paid to design those things.
  • Therrien still likes to start his 4th line and 3rd pair in the defensive zone on the road. I'll let a GIF do the talking on this one.


  • When you look up Rene Bourque's history page on Wikipeida in the future it will read "mostly harmless"
  • Max Pacioretty was born in Connecticut, so his propensity for scoring on the Hurricanes probably owes to his being a secret Whalers fan and have a burning rage against the move.
  • Garbage officiating tonight, but the team pissed away a lead in front of their goalie. They really don't deserve Price on some nights.
  • Emelin getting a 4-year extension without playing a game this season really makes me wonder what Bergevin's risk assessment abilities. Sure Therrien tossed him to the wolves assignment-wise but this is wretched.
  • Tying a game after giving up 4 straight goals should have a very muted goal celebration by a team.
  • Desharnais needs a redeeming talent beyond "knowing when to feed Pacioretty in the slot."
  • What is Guy Boucher doing anyway?
  • Michel Therrien is doing everything people hated Jacques Martin for, or percieved him to be doing but still isn't getting the same flak, why?
  • Won't post any Fancy Stats as I don't want to encourage binge drinking and drug abuse.
  • Don't really know how to describe the last few minutes of the game beyond "why?"
  • Oh wait, this helps.
  • This game also defines the 13-14 season for the Habs. Get fans excited about the potential of something, than find a way to piss it all away.
Three Stars:

1. I give this to Dgrdnr for this submission to sum up the whole night.

2. TrevaDaddy for starting a hilarious/disturbing dialogue on the uses of Maple Syrup.

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