Habs vs Lightning Top Six Minutes: Eat it, Bishop Edition

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Habs played their first game in 7 days and came away with a big two points.

-Ben Bishop is really goddamn big and it's annoying as all hell

-Habs had seven days off between games and clearly in that time they got shooting lessons from Stormtroopers

-It took Tampa Bay 11 minutes to register a shot on Carey Price

-Max Pacioretty took a puck in the mouth making him the second toothless member of the Pacioretty household this week

-Bishop complained that Brendan Gallagher was in his crease throughout the first period ... which shouldn't be a surprise anymore

-The Habs' powerplay continues to be awful ... like Bouillon/Murray levels of awful

-P.K. Subban played on the penalty kill and was fantastic ... it's like we don't need Douglas Murray for anything at all

-Subban also played more than any other Habs in the first with 10:57 TOI

-Daniel Briere hip-checked Victor Hedman

-Yes, you read that right and it looked as hilarious as it sounds

-All your goals belong to Plekanec

-Rene Bourque got hooked on a breakaway and didn't get a penalty in his favor

-Subban taps on Nikita Kucherov and Kucherov falls down like he was shot and draws a call

-Martin St. Louis scored because of course he did

-Habs generated a great chance soon after that landed on the stick of ... Travis Moen

-The Lightning broadcast accused Ryan White of embellishing a late hit by J.P. Cote ... Ryan merely winked at them and told them that he f***ing loves it

-Radko Gudas sounds more like a type of cheese than a hockey player ... similarly they both stink if left exposed too long

-White leveled Gudas to start the third, which prevented the inevitable terribly bad Moen/Gudas donnybrook

-Subban made up for his early hooking call by stopping another Kucherov breakaway because HE SHOULD GO TO SOCHI YZERMAN

-Moen tried to toe drag on the penalty kill and somehow it almost worked

-Carey Price made several ridiculous game-saving stops but you're used to that already

-Seems that no one sent the message to the Habs that you have to have the lead to sit back in the third period

-Markov hit two posts in less than a minute because he was sending Bishop a message of some sort

-Well, Habs made it to overtime and earned at least one point

-Tomas Plekanec makes passes that aren't humanly possible

-He also always shoots when he has a goal scorer next to him on a 2 on 1

-Weeeeee shootout

-Suck it Filpula

-SUCK IT BISHOP (Lars Eller best)


-Dammit Desharnais (You ruined my joke)



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