What are your Christmas hockey wishes?

This kind of goaltending is a Christmas wish in itself. - Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Eyes On The Prize writers and editors share our Christmas hockey wishes, and we'd like to know yours, too.

Yesterday afternoon, while I totally wasn't looking at Twitter, I came upon this tweet from fearless leader/tyrannical overload Andrew Berkshire:

That's probably one of the most common Habs fan Christmas wishes, along with firing the D coach, firing the head coach, firing Daniel Briere into the sun...

So... tell us. What is your Habs or hockey Christmas wish this year?

Here are EOTP's:

Matt Drake: All I want for Christmas is Murray and Bouillon to waivers, replaced with Tinordi and Beaulieu.

Arik Parnass: I wanna see Carey Price lead Team Canada to a Gold Medal at the Olympics, and then belt out the national anthem with P.K. Subban by his side.

chile_pepper: For Daniel Briere to ask for a trade.

Marc Dumont: All I want is the Habs to stop repeating the same silly mistakes over and over again. Stop pandering to dinosaurs re: language debate, stop handcuffing yourselves when hiring staff and stop worrying about an issue that has nothing to do with hockey.
Also, I would love it if Bergevin read an introduction to advanced stats.

Bruce Peter: I wish our current team were traded for the Chicago Blackhawks, coaching staff and management inclusive.
More realistically, I want Carey to go into superhero mode for the half-calendar year of 2014 because there's no easy fix that'll be done to make this team a winner otherwise. If we're going to have bad process we might as well have a whole heaping of good fortune and get a Cup before the team goes bad.

Scott Matla had a few:
For Douglas Murray some Wile E. Coyote rocket skates.
Some Selke talk for Plekanec.
Some respect for Brian Gionta from the fan base.
Jaromir Jagr in the CH for the playoff run.
The end of all Pacioretty trade rumors.
Louis Leblanc getting the chance he deserves.
Some stilts for Desharnais.
Real linemates for Lars Eller and a tub of hair gel to keep his hair looking incredible at all times.
A TV show that shows nothing but PK and Pleks chirping each other.

Laura: For the GM to show some interest in advanced stats. For the coach to be fired in favour of one who is into advanced stats... or, like, watching video... For this offseason's moves never to have happened, for the Habs to have signed Tom Gilbert instead, for this ridiculous obsession with fake toughness to not be a thing. Also for Chris Higgins and his glorious abs to ask me out on a date.

Luke Vermeer: All I want for Christmas is a Bulldogs team that can score a goal. And maybe for Magnus Nygren to come back from Europe.

Matthew Macaskill: My #Habs Christmas wish is for a Saku Koivu return to Montreal to finish his career and hoist the Cup.

Mike Obrand, who gets bonus points for replying from a very important social function:
I want an 8 year contract for P.K. Subban.
Michel Therrien to do everything I want him to do.
Douglas Murray to get hypnotized and think he's a chicken forever.

Matt Drake: I already did mine but can I add Carey Price getting me a date with his hot sister. I just discovered her on Twitter.

Marc Dumont: I'd like to add that I wish Carey Price's sister would up her privacy settings. It's for her own good, there's a lot of weirdos out there.

Matt Drake: And this one lives rather close to her.

Laura: For Carey Price's sister to move to Newfoundland.

Some of the others were unable to reply (many of EOTP's contributors live in Ontario), but if they get a chance, they'll share in the comments.

Now tell us yours.

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