Canadiens vs Predators Top Six Minutes: The Good, The Bad and The Murray Edition

John Russell

Well it was good, then bad, then ugly, then amazing, as the Habs squeaked out a win in Nashville.

-After lacking offensive production for nearly the entire month the Habs exploded in the first period

-P.K. Subban scored on a rocket

-Perimeter player Max Pacioretty scored on a breakaway(Yes I'm completely serious!)

-Doesn't matter had Pleks

-I missed most of the first period but I assume Douglas Murray was laughably bad

-Seth Jones took a puck in the face and was saved by his tell me why they aren't mandatory for everyone yet?(Note: Jones would not return to the game afterwards however)

-Don Cherry said Subban should be on Team Canada for Sochi...given how Hockey Canada picks their teams this probably punched Subban's ticket

-Carey Price is all of our mom's favorite player...and should be everyone elses too

-Brendan Gallagher invents new ways to put himself in the opposing team's net each it seems

-Tomas Plekanec on a  2 on 1 breakaway with Travis Moen will always pass

-Plekanec on a 2 on 1 breakaway with Alex Galchenyuk will always shoot

-The Habs went into the shell in the 2nd period and Gabriel Bourque made them pay(yes Murray was on the ice at the time)

-The Predators commentary team kept calling Brian Gionta his brothers name which still leads me to believe all the southern US hockey commentary teams are idiots

-Preds go on a powerplay thanks to a David Desharnais penalty

-Preds score on the same powerplay(Yes Douglas Murray was on the ice)

-Nashville outshot the Habs 20-6(20 to 6!!) in the second period which is

-So we've become the Leafs without the absurd shooting luck

-Even Bob Cole was shocked the Habs were sitting back on their miniscule lead

-As per usual the Habs iced it...a lot and I still don't understand why

-Lars Eller made several defensive plays that stopped potential goals in the 3rd period...further proof he's the Greatest Dane

-Subban takes a penalty and Shea Weber scores because EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE

-IT WAS 3-0!!!

-Douglas Murray was on the ice for all 3 goals against the Canadiens tonight

-He's getting paid 1.5 million dollars to be terrible

-Andrei Markov got a 10 minute misconduct because he didn't appreciate being cross checked on the tying goal

-David Desharnais



-The Habs earned two points they probably didn't deserve but who cares Habs win!

-Now the team is off for a week and World Juniors will take center stage...hopefully the Habs comeback and don't play like a pile of Marchand

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